The Fairy Tail Anime & Manga Thread

That’s right folks, the series is finally getting an anime series!

Here’s hoping it stays close to the manga.
The best way to describe this manga is that if you like Shonen series, this one has just about every cliche or thing you like about them…including tits.

EDIT: Despite the art looking like One Piece’s, the similarity in art is pure coincedence, there isn’t much proff that Hiro, creator of FT, has worked with Eiichiro Oda before. Hiro’s art is just cartoony like that.

I haven’t read the manga, but always wanted to. I was really hoping it would be made into an anime, and I just thinking about this the other day.

I just got all caught up in reading Fairy Tail this morning. Guess I’ll start the thread by posting some thoughts:

  • Natsu and Happy irritate the hell out of me. Most everyone else I find enjoyable (Gray and my girl Erza), or at least tolerable (Lucy). But Natsu? He’s is like someone took the worst parts of Luffy and Yusuke and grafted them onto some pink-haired Goku wannabe. And Happy can go die in a fire.
  • The easiest way to descibe this series that I’ve heard is “One Piece’s style with Bleach story structure”. The strange character designs and art style are One Piece to the point one of my friends (stupidly) believes they’re done by the same person. And like Bleach, each arc feels like a self contained story, rather than being part of a whole. Though sometimes that works against it, since the story sometimes has no direction/feels like nothing is happening.
  • The fights are very cool.
  • The Fanservice!!! It’s everywhere!!

All in all, it’s an okay manga. Nothing spectacular, but I like it enough. It’s funny, cause I was just wondering when an anime was going to be announced. I’ll check it out.

Fairy Tail is so much better than Groove Adventure Rave.

He really stole a OP vibe for this one, though. But I’m happy that he improved so much between series.

Also, the tits got way bigger, which is fairly amusing.

Nice. Hopefully it doesn’t fall into the trap of filler hell like most anime versions. The art style is like OP’s (Mashima studied under Oda, so no shit), but his characters look way less wacky IMO, so I can handle it.

And Natsu is a fucking beast. Keep reading.

No… just no.

Oh I’m not denying the man’s a beast. I’ll give him his props there. Natsu can get the job done on the battlefield. It’s just that the only time I can deal with him is serious fight situations. Any other time, I find him loud and annoying. Not to mention that the more panel time he gets, the less Erza gets.:arazz:

Was it ever confirmed that Mashima studied under Oda? I thought that was just a rumor started cause the two manga have such a similar style.

Well, the studios picking it up are (probably) new to long running shounen action series, so it might be interesting to see how they’ll handle this compared to vets like Toei and Pierrot.

is this the manga thats drawn like one peice?

What is this? Why does it look like one piece?

Tizoc, you are the man! I enjoy this manga thoroughly and have been wondering when an anime would be made. Some of those fights have a lot of potential to look amazing animated.

One of the recent scans even said that it’s been time for an anime to be put together. I’m glad it’s going through

Same artist I think

no i know its not the same artist but heavily influenced.

The manga is awesome. Only wish that Gray would quit jobbing to everyone like he’s Renji (although in the current arc he actually got to look good for the first time in a while).

My brutha! Gonna be awesome seeing Gazelle kicking ass, now let’s hope for a good VA.

I just accidentally mistaken Happy for Nami. Whoops.

Eiichiro Oda =One Piece ; Hiro Mashima= Fairy Tail

I’m assuming you meant Lucy instead of Happy… Happy is a blue cat with big wings. Lucy has the big tits and long legs like Nami.

There are so many scenes that I am anticipating including: the Gazelle, Natsu, Luxus fight, the aetherion strike with Natsu carrying out Erza, and when Erza intimidated the hell out of Jubia (or was it a chick in the TOwer of Paradise?). I hope they get some good VAs; nothing can ruin an anime like some bad voice acting.

If the Battle of Fairy Tail arc is not dat hotness, this anime is a failure. That arc was beast.

how powerful is the main character