The Fake Kick



So is Fake Kick Input is HK > HK … the 2nd HK has to be input within the first 3 frames of the first HK … I feel like this isn’t even possible… I have even put HK on two buttons and tried to Piano it.


What? Just double tap the button. I use the middle finger and then the index finger, kinda of galloping with your hand.


Idk man I just can’t get it to work lol, maybe I am trying to do it TOO fast … I even put the AutoFire on to see if it would work and nothing… -___- I will try it again when I am back in the house.


Are you on a stick or pad? Double tapping with your index into your middle finger should work because if I’m not mistaken it presses the button twice in 2 frames so you actually have a 1 frame leeway to go slower. If you’re on a pad I hear it’s near impossible but not completely impossible.


Double tap. It doesn’t seem any different from SF4. If anything it seems easier because now it’s starting to come out on accident.


I’m playing on stick … I never new he had it until now cause I never used Sagat before. I am doing the 2 finger thing I just now tried it again and I can get it sometimes I just gotta practice the rhythm


^ practice. you’ll be glad you did cuz of the meter.


whats his fake kick ?


Its is a “fake” version of his Standing HK … looks like he is about to throw it but brings his leg up and then back down before it finishes.


Basically what I do is take my middle finger to push HK, then slide it down off the button and as soon as the middle finger leaves the pointer finger pushes down.

Try doing a moonwalk with those two fingers on the table, you’ll see what I mean. :]



watch sagat’s leg at around 1:14


im trying to learn this as well…index and middle finger huh…galloping with mid finger first?


yea ^


But indeed a good fighter to play with.