The Fanatiq Money Matches Thread

Everyone knows at every evo, in between every tourey match I’m looking to money match. If it were up to me I’d never play a single casual match at evo.
Anyways I know I already have a lot set up with people, so if you can remind me what we had set up I’ll put it here so I won’t over load my pockets. Sidebets and what not will also be posted here for the huge matches. Simple Format, anyone who posts they want money on anyone else someone else checks will be updated in this post.

Me vs. Deus: first to 10 300 evo rules straight up. (deus backed out)
Me vs. MegamanDS: FT 10 100 evo rules Straight up.
Me vs. Chunksta: Series 3s, MVC2, Puzzle fighter, first to 5 each game, 50 bucks a game
Me vs. Woo mighty ft 5 30
Me vs. J360: FT 5 for 20
Me Vs. Tinh NGO 4/7 25
Me vs. Vercette: Don’t remember,
Me vs. Florida: Sindel ft 10 100, Garvin ft 10 100, Eder Ft 10 100, Blaziniflo ft 10 100 in that order
I’d like to play infinite ft 10 for 100
Smooth viper: Ft 10 prolly 50 + side bets.

Of course you’ll get to play me. Ft7 for 50, or ft10 for 100, I’ll decide when i get to evo. I just got some inside info that you are actually decent and there is a method to your madness. There are still conflicting reports that you suck. Since I’ve never met you and I don’t have any real beef with you, I’ll decide when I get there.
Garvin’s down for the same bet. Same with Eder and Sindel. Haven’t talked to Mixup. I won’t speak for anyone else in florida.

I lost to eder at evo, I need my revenge. How much does he want to play for? And how much does sindel and garvin wanna play for?
BTW I mash buttons, my resets are all made up on the spot. I just kinda decide, I wanna tri dash from the other side, so I just do it. I don’t really have it all planned out, so yeah I’m mashing, and my magneto is random cuz even I don’t know what I’m pressing. I just let my fingers do what they do 90% of the time. Whats sad is even though I just let em move, they still do some of the same resets though some of em I’ve never seen anyone else do…:frowning:

??? we also doing FT 10 100 in xmvsf to balance it out a little?

btw, pushblock, looks at db! sig, potter is amazed at his skill so that should say something.

all matches with the above people i listed min ft7 for 50, max ft10 for 100.

Eder wants ft10 for 100 min.

No, I need money and you got it, ft 10 nigga

i’m not playing you

deus has retired

so fanatiq takes his spot on team 3?

So Deus are you not entering Evo West or Evo World?

According to Pushblocksavelife Deus is Team 3’s new Captain

megman: you’re taking my words out of context. That’s almost as absurd as me saying you’re good at marvel. And he’s not on team 3. Nice try.

you’re an idiot

hope you change your mind deus, i would love to see this MM go down

this dude is loaded with cash playing all thses mm…i wanna see guywong get on this mm…

i was kidding, wow.

Deus wasn’t I free money for you?

I’ll MM you for some small amount.

we have no planned MM, if we do, it’ll be spontaneous at evo west or world

Is this coo ?
We can take out CvS2 for Puzzle Fighter but I rather play CvS2:cool:

I don’t play cvs2, what about tekken?