The Fappening 2: The Second Cuming: Blue Balls Edition


Was there a thread and closed?

The biggest celebrity hack in what may be ever and there’s no mention of this in a main thread. Nude photos of Jlaw, Kate Upton and a bunch of other bitches that no one cares about. Maybe everyone is too busy jerking off.


or getting thrown in jail, it IS illegal after all and maybe SRK doesn’t want to advocate that. There are plenty of other forums who don’t give a fuck, go try those.


Ya ever heard of the Lounge? It was kind of a thing there.

More importantly there is no reason for this thread to be up because posting exceedingly NSFW pictures or linking to them is a bannable offense in these parts. Besides, we’ve all seen them already.


I didn’t get to fap; wife decided it was hot, dirty, spanky sex night. But good to you guys with your wanking and your solitude and your sadness. God bless all your loads.


Obviously no links but it is a pretty major thing right now. To pretend it didn’t even exist seems rather censored. But mods please close the thread if this thread shouldn’t be made.


I took no part in The Fappening.

No regrets.


To claim that GD seems “censored” of all things is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

Go to SRK GD Lounge page 650. I’m not sure if thats where it starts, but keeping reading until you see what i mean. You might have to read more than one page.


This is ***STILL *** why we cant have nice things


Ol’ loose-lipped, telling-on-yourself ass niggas… You are hereby banished from any further Illuminati meetings.

“Niggas is like leaky faucets up in here!”*** -Riley Freeman




Some of those pictures were ok, but compared to porn, you really have to be into these celebs to get a nut off.


you can go to Reddit if you wanna discuss or look at the pics though, the sub-Reddit has people working on it 24/7 lmao



Nobody bothered to make the thread because you couldnt link the pics here anyway. We just blew our simu-loads in The Lounge until 4Chan OP got greedy/paranoid


dude got paranoid for the correct reasons. apparently he hacked an underaged pic of the gymnast.


That and people are digging up shit alluding to who he might be since the fucktard didnt edit out his drivenames.


I know nothing of this event, dear sir. I occupy most of my valuable time helping the homeless and supporting my local church by guiding mishappened souls towards the light through the word of God.

I would kindly suggest you focus your erratic and simplistic minds in other engaging and exhilirating activities, such as reading a nice book, travel the wild blue yonder, contemplate the meaning of life in profound meditation, and praying.

I shall vouch for your misguided souls in my prayers tonight.


I never got the illuminati pm on Jenny Mccurdy pics…oh well, still waiting for the Ariana Grande hero to give us the good stuff


lol. oh internet you so crazy.


I actually just figured this fappening thing out. This is the first I’ve heard of it tonight, less than an hour ago. It seems I have some studying to do. And I guess you can forget what I said about the Ariana Grande hero, he already exists apparently lol