The fastest possible kill

I hope I’m not treading old ground with this useless trivia, but here goes;

Suppose you’re going into the second round with full meter and assuming a reasonable amount of luck, whats the fastest possible way to beat the opponent and what time would this leave on the clock?

I’m thinking about an average case, and assuming the opponent would have at least Ryu’s stamina.

I know Urien’s UOH into SA1 (crouching opponent) would score pretty well here.

I hear the power button scores even better.

ive seen kokujin do it in 8 but it was on akuma so lets say 10 seconds

Ten seconds is pretty quick. I’ve seen a pick of SA3 Ryu having equalled that.

I’m looking at a Urien combo vid that shows this;


I don’t know if any taunts are involved (not sure offhand what Urien’s taunt even does), but the two combos wrack up about 95% damage on crouching Ken in just over 6 seconds.

I wonder if Ryu’s SA2 would be faster. It probably doesn’t hit crouching opponents anyway though.

Akuma vs Akuma. 1P Akuma taunts, 2P Akuma dashes in and crouches. 1P Akuma does a KKZ. 2P Akuma dies.

Probably 3-4 seconds.

is that faster than gill wing super on a crouch akuma?

Def cause I don’t think wing super would kill him in one shot…not sure though.

Yes it can

-edit- go to 3:21

that’s a c. jab (aka, LP) not a c. strong. Urien’s c. strong doesn’t cancel or link into anything.

it’ll probably be in the 10 second range, or more. Shinshoryuken takes forever to finish :lol:.

fastest kill i’ve had against the CPU is 8 seconds using either Dudley or Ryu. both kills were versus CPU Necro.

with Dudley, at the beginning of the match, i jump in with fierce -> s. roundhouse x fierce Jet Uppercut. then as Necro is getting up, i jump in again with fierce -> s. roundhouse (Necro is stunned) x EX MGB -> 4 c. roundhouses -> forward Ducking Uppercut. then i just finish him off with anything going into a super.

with Ryu, it’s jump in with roundhouse -> s. fierce x forward Joudan. jump in again and do fierce -> s. fierce (Necro is stunned) x Hadouken. finish off with s. fierce x Hadouken xx Shinkuu. reason i do a Hadouken in the 2nd combo is 'cuz it hits whether Necro is standing or crouching. Tatsumaki misses on a crouching Necro, Joudan hits, but does not have as high a point value as Hadouken or Tatsu.

yeah, i get to play the CPU a lot :lol:.


I don’t remember how long it takes, exactly, but as Q I’ve killed people with

jump in fierce, close standing forward xx strong dash punch xx SAI, they wake up without blocking and I hit them with fierce dash punch xx SAI, I fierce dash punch over to where they landed, close standing forward xx jab slaps, and bam, they’re dead. Probably around 8-9 seconds.

yeap, it kills.

Kuroda uses that Q combo in the Coop 4 video and it kills really fast.

For characters with average health or better I’m wondering if something like this would be any good;

J.HK, HK. (Repeat two or three times.)
Shun Goku satsu.

It’d save time because it doesn’t knock down.

Maybe a combo that resets into KKZ would do well too. I don’t know if the reset lands all hits though.

first round or after? people or cpu? tourny or casuals?
7 second first round(92 on the clock), i ve also stunned a character twice in one round(ps2, the tourny was set on low damage:tdown:)

witnessed a 5 second round 2, that was pretty fast imo

I was asking about the second round and assuming full meter, because I figured this would give the fastest times. I’m most interested in times against characters with average stamina or better. Basically, not Akuma, Remy etc.

How were the 7 and 5 second victories achieved? Sounds crazy! :slight_smile:

I once saw a 5 sec round… Q vs Ibuki… Q hit something xx something probably and then Ibuki got hit by SA2… peace out.


a couple of years ago the machine at the university arcade was set to max damage.

i was using SA1 Ryu and playing against an Akuma n00b. played for real in the 1st round, gave him 2nds while just building meter. on the 3rd, i super jump as he jumped up and i hit him with a roundhouse (brings him close to the corner) then we both land and i dash and do c. short, c. short xx Shinkuu -> Shinkuu -> KO!

about 5 seconds, if not less :lol:. good times.


I’ve killed Akuma noobs with start-off strong dash punch xx SAII, fierce dash punch, and then a corner c&db combo on wakeup. Couldn’t have taken more than 5 or 6 seconds.

Makoto’s pretty good for this. This kills Akuma in 3 seconds. Add one more of the last parts onto the end and it kills ryu in 4:

Dash, hp, qcf + hp, SAIII, hp, qcf + hp,, qcf + lp, lk, qcf + lp,, qcf + lp

Ah, you beat me to it Demon Dash. I’ve just been testing some stuff out myself. It turns out, that if the opponent is always crouching (huge assumption, true) almost any character can kill in under 10 seconds, many of them in under six.

The training mode timer starts at 60.99 and I achieve roughly the following results on crouching characters.

53 seconds left. Ryu. J.HP, HP, Joudan (MK). Then HP, Shoryuken (HP), SA2, HK.
54 seconds left. Urien. SA1. Can’t remember the details.
55 seconds left. Ken. J.HK, C.MK, SA2. Then crossup J.MK, MP, HP, Shoryuken (LP), Kara Shoryuken (LP) (Note I can’t actually land the Kara, I suck, hehe).
56 seconds left. Q. J.HP, MK, Dash Punch a few times (IIRC).
56 seconds left. Akuma J.HK, HK then J.HK, HK SGS. (vs Dudley)
57 seconds left Akuma J.HK, HK then H.HK HK dash KKZ. (vs Dudley)

57 seconds left Makoto (assumes massive luck) QCF HP, QCF MP, SA3 F + HP, F + HP, F + HP.
58 seconds left Makoto (assumes massive luck) QCF HP, QCF MP, SA3 F + HP, F + HP + HP + HP (vs Akuma).

Please don’t rely on these exact figures. I just spent a few hours messing around and jotted this lot down from memory.

Fastest I’ve ever managed in 2 player is six seconds with Ryu against Yang. Can’t remember the exact ins and outs but it ends with cr.MK xx SAI xx SAI in the corner.