The Fatal Fury Real Bout 2 Thread


Yes, you have a point in that it can be used like that. Still, the applied use of this move is rather small.

Oh, just wanted to point out that when landing from any jump, your character plays a landing animation that lasts for 4 frames, no matter which direction you are facing. During this time you cannot perform any action.


tungs spower isnt one of the best, but it is better than any of those listed. like soh mentioned, it CAN combo and hits the backplane. not to mention its a good chip killer.

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I think people are making Tung’s S-Power out to be much better than it actually is. As God 2.0 said, comboing into it is -anything- but easy and if doesn’t land properly (which it’s prone to do), is whiffed, or blocked, it’s Tung Fu Screwed. :wasted:

If the opponent is in the backplane, chances are it will hit them then move past them: leaving the opponent behind Tung as Tung flies off into the corner. It also won’t land properly if the opponent is off the ground for any reason.

Granted, it’s also very easy to breakshot it as well, but why bother when Tung will be at your feet and in a lengthy recovery animation.

Sokaku’s S-Power is not the greatest by any means, but he’s got things up on Tung: it eats projectiles, is very safe, and will always hit properly. Really, the only downside with the move, in of itself, is it’s startup.

Ultimately, as bad as Sokaku’s S-Power is, it doesn’t put him in a worse position by using it.

The NEW Real Bout 2 Thread! IRC Matchmaking: #srksnk on EFNet! GOGOGO!

Because I am a sucker for statistics and comparisons, I amused myself by setting up my personal ranking list for the supers in the game.

This comparison is for overall move usefulness, meaning I take into account super availability, damage, ease of connecting, risk if whiffed and blocked etc.


P power
S power

S class

Chonshu’s Leviathan’s Strain
Mary’s Mary Escalation
Mai’s Flower Hurricane
Geese’s Holy Gates
Duck’s Break Spiral

A class

Krauser’s Gigatec Cyclone
Yamazaki’s Yondan Drill
Kim’s Phoenix Flattener
Rick’s EX Shooting Star
Krauser’s Kaiser Wave
Geese’s Deadly Rave

B class

Franco’s Armageddon Buster
Laurence’s Bloody Shadow
Kim’s Phoenix Kick Dance
Terry’s Overheat Geyser
Geese’s Raising Storm
Krauser’s Deadly Rave
Xiangfei’s Chou Pairon
Mary’s Mary Typhoon
Yamazaki’s Guillotine
Bob’s Dancing Bison
Rick’s Howling Bull

C class

Chonrei’s Emperor Roar Destroyer
Chonshu’s Air Emperor Drain
Franco’s Final Omega Blast
Billy’s Salamander Stream
Hon-fu’s Yoko Tonhanma
Mai’s Cho Shinobi Bachi
Billy’s Scarlet Uppercut
Sokaku’s Sokaku Splat
Bob’s Dangerous Wolf
Terry’s Power Geyser
Andy’s Choreppa Dan
Xiangfei’s Taitetsujin
Andy’s Dan Da Dan
Joe’s Thunder Fire
Joe’s Screw Upper
Xiangfei’s Majinga

D class

Chonrei’s Empire Destiny Slash
Chonrei’s Empire Destiny Blow
Chonshu’s Emperor Drain
Hon-fu’s Exploding Goro
Laurence’s Bloody Slash
Sokaku’s Thunder God
Tung’s Super Geki Ha
Rick’s Gaia Press

E class

Cheng’s Collapse of Creation
Cheng’s Bursting Heavens
Franco’s Megaton Crusher
Billy’s Super Fire Wheel
Tung’s Senpu Gouken
Duck’s Duck Dance


I take care of Laurence for you. I would put Laurence’s Certain Death on B-class (easily comboable, safe, scary as Chonshu’s Leviathan’s Strain, etc.) , and laurence’s Bloody Flash on E-class (slow startup, easily breackshotable if blocked).

Pretty good ranking, even though Chonrei’s Empire Destiny Slash deserves more than D-class in my opinion, it’s an amazing versatile ability, the reason he will one of my next characters.

Personally, as a Cheng player, i would rank collapse of creation on D-class (the motion is risky, not easy to combo but still possible, and when ppower is activated, it changes the mood of the fight because many things become unsafe for the opponent, and you can chip damage).


Was it mentioned that Duck’s P. Power stun opponents if they hit P-Chan?


Please use the same names as I when answering to that post, just to avoid confusion on move names. I use names from Goh_Billy’s RB2 FAQ over at gamefaqs.

I put Laurence’s S Power on D because it is usually low risk, unless your opponent has a projectile that deals high damage like the Krauser Wave. I initially forgot to add him to the list, but I added him long before anyone had replied. Try refreshing the page or something if you still cannot see him on the list.

I already put his Deadly Shadow on A class, but I think I will switch to B class considering it is usually available once per match and lacks the range and juggleability that some other A class supers have.

I also originally put Cheng’s Collapse of Creation on D because it is not as unsafe as some of the other E-class super, but I placed it into E class shortly after. Because it can only be done in air, it is easy to spot, and it is easy to avoid. In addition, it is not that safe.

We know. Even though we recently found some use for this move as anti-air, it is still very risky to use, and is still very specific and hard in its use.


Wheres Mai Supers :mad:


All supers are now listed.


Mai’s P-Power should be A-Class at the very least. Easy to combo, invincible anti-everything…and if you hold the button and it gets blocked, you actually have frame advantage!

Laurence & Rick’s P-Powers are clearly superior to the rest of that B-list, but I’m not sure they belong in A. Maybe B+ or something.

Chonrei’s stationary projectile super seems like a solid C to me. You’re not going to land the whole thing in a real match, but it’s a big help in controlling space. That’s a large part of the 2D-fighter battle right there, and it really makes him frustrating when he’s below 50%.

Duck Dance is a much better fit in D. It’s easier to land than the E supers, it leads to enormous damage, and it leaves him with a full P-Power meter for breakshot annoyance. It’s high-risk/high-reward, while a lot of the other bad supers have high risk and little reward on average.

Finally, I think Sokaku Splat is very similar to Raisin Storm. Both are great anti-air attacks that will also crush slow pokes. Both are punishable, but not in the usual manner - Sokaku’s requires you to distance yourself properly, while Geese’s requires you to use something with range and decent speed. Sokaku’s is a little bit more damaging, as well, since it’s a P-Power and you always get a guranteed pursuit afterward. These two moves should be in the same tier AFAIK.

Fun post, thanks! =)



aside from franco’s P power it seems, either it’s the “final omega blast” marked as an S power or something’s missin’


Its your color choice, I swear it wasn’t there before HAX! :rolleyes:


The most probable situation is that the site loaded in your cache was the one where I was not done putting in moves yet, but when you responded, the site loaded the most recent information into your quote without you noticing.

Franco’s P power was put into it a bit later, because I had forgotten it earlier.


You might be right. I will test it around a bit. Since so few use her I haven’t seen the move in action a lot.

I agree. I reached the same conclusion and placed them in B because of Laurence’s having bad range and whiffs against air, and Rick’s because the opponent can punish it easily by going to back plane, and also that it only hits once or so against air, and that at range it will at some point lose 1 hit allowing the rest to be blocked.

This is one of those “lots of work, insubstantial reward”-moves. Dealing damage with this move is highly unlikely, so all it does is add to your zone game. It does not directly add damage, thus I put it in D class.

The Duck Dance will lead to less damage than any other P power in the game. When playing against Ghostpilot today, he would mash out of the stun before I could even reach level 2 charge. I got to level 3 once by accident, and managed to nail him with the vertical spinning move, but this is a very very risky thing to aim for, and overall, the best thing to aim for is to do level 1 charge and just perform a quick Break Spiral, doing less damage than any P power. In addition, the move stays out a very short time, so timing is strict, and if you miss you will die horribly.

The Sokaku Splat has a coverage that can be very unreliable. Sometimes I see people hit the demon, breaking the move, and the arm part of the move does not cover such a wide area as the Raising Storm. Another thing to keep in mind is the telegraphed full screen golden activation screen that can only mean one thing. With Geese you only get to see his startup-animation that may just as well be that fake move he uses all day long. In addition, the Raising Storm is an S power, and as such can be used repeatedly without any meter if in the red.

I am happy you like it. :slight_smile:


Now with 40% more raisins! “Raaaaaaisin Stoooooooorm!” :wgrin:

“Two scoops in every box!” -Franco Bash.

(Special thanks to Running Wild for the image edit and YTMND link! :tup: )


Seems likely, as the quote seemed alot longer than what I originally saw, heh.


mais ppower is easily S class.

andys dan da dan D class? nah man. B class.

hon fu Spower and joe ppower B class.

krauser spower is B class.

rick ppower, bob ppower and lauwrence ppower are A class. or upper B at least.

my 2 cents at least.


I would just like to say that the cheng combo in that posted match vid was hot. And I can’t believe you guys aren’t talking about it more… Damn that was good shit.


It does not help me much if you don’t provide any arguments to why you consider them as such.

The Dan Da Dan for example seems to lose to a lot of moves because of the fact that the hitbox of the move itself is so close to his body. I’ve seen this lose to normals, and even when used as a breakshot it will miss airborne opponents. On the other hand, it also has no risk unless the last hit is breakshotted, making the move very safe. I’ll place it in C. It is safe and can be breakshotted, but I still feel it can be too difficult to connect for B class.

Hon-fu and Joe S and P powers respectively are listed as C class because they guarantee your death if they are blocked or if they whiff.



Mai’s & Andy’s stages slow down the game just like Sokaku’s. They all use the same background, so I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out before. Granted, nobody online played Mai as a main until very recently, and nobody online plays Andy AT ALL, so I guess it wasn’t glaringly obvious.

Now, you won’t feel a difference when you start the match or anything. But when you hit your opponent, not only can the game grind to a halt, but it does so somewhat randomly. You will drop combos on these stages, guaranteed.

However, just to remind everyone again, this WAS fixed in the PS2 port, so this is not a concern for actual tournaments.

Hmm, is there a stage select cheat for nFBA, I wonder?



I didn’t think that their stages slowed down as well, certainly not to the extent of Sokaku’s. I figured it mostly had to do with the reflections from the water on Sokaku’s stage (which Mai’s and Andy’s lack, despite being at the same place).

But yeah, SNK was pushing the limitations of the hardware with that particular stage (it’s a wonder why they left it in). RBS was actually worse, since any time someone was hit against the breakable wall, the game ground to a halt (though it did give a cool effect when Franco had you in the corner: it made it look like he was pounding the shit outta you. :lol:).

Fortunately, though, as Josh stated, this isn’t an issue in the PS2 port of the game, since it’s more than enough hardware to run RB2. I’m sure an emulator could do the same with some tweaks here and there with the Neo Geo driver, but that’s a whole 'nother can of worms. :looney: