The fear of Gen unblockables, LMAO!



I was listening to the commentary in the match between Daigo and Xian and I cant help but note the way the commentator always refer to Oga setup as unblockable.

Was also reading the comments on Eventhubs on the match and plenty are saying that Gen has many unblockables and tricks lol! One guy even said Gen Ryu match is 7-3 in Ryu favor lol!

What do you think guys, is the fear of gen unblockables the beginning of great things for Gen lol!


It just shows that they have no fucking idea what they’re talking about, as is the case with 90% of SF commentary tbh. people don’t know Gen, this may or may not change depending on how much exposure Xian and Amiyu etc. will get and the more they’ll play in (big) tournaments the more serious players will be more or less forced to properly learn the match-up vs Gen.


Yeah, like the people I play with mostly were forced to learn the matchup lol! now I cant land oga ceiling drop anymore lol! in the end tricks are like one card party gambit. solid play as always is the best. I am on a lab break lo! will continue my unblockables journey very soon. must find one for honda lol!


Is it me or honda has like no setups at all? Dem. We need them. That fat wall of bricks is sometimes hard to overcome.


I agree, but Honda’s hitbox is…weird


extremely wierd


Honda hunches when he doesn’t block, he “stands up” making his hurtbox taller when he blocks. Some of what we would hit as a cross-up against neutral Honda wouldn’t actually be a cross-up against Honda who is holding back.

From this, I can analyze that if ANY character has an unblockable against Honda, it’ll be in the corner.

On topic: The HK Oga didn’t look anything like an unblockable at all (looked like a cross-up), but I think MK Oga one right after the Gekiro follow-up was actually an unblockable.


Yeah… wonder why Zhi was commenting properly. He should know about his good friend’s main character.
Or: Could this be a tactic, like telling people that non-unblockables are unblockables?
This would strike fear into the hearts of several shoryuken mashers but also motivate pros to do a more in depth look of Gen’s moves.


Didn’t you know? Every Oga is unblockable and Gen is nothing but tricks and shenanigans.


Yeah after seeing Xian and Amiyu play it’s hilarious how commentators still call Gen a purely shenanigans character. It’s like saying Akuma is all vortex and has no footsies or zoning game.


“Gen is shenanigans and has no solid ground game. He revolves around cheap tricks to score damage and once you learn the matchup he is free as hell, he is just like Fuerte”*

Xian beats Daigo

“Oh shit! We’ve been sleeping on this guy for ages!”

*Nobody said that. But it just pisses me off you have to have your character beat Daigo before you get any recognition. People are unaware of how good Gens basic game is. He’s so solid it hurts.



The HK Oga is unblockable, tested it out. although you can crouch it and punish the hell out of Gen


On the contrary Gen is not a gimmicks character. anyone who plays like that is asking for a beatdown, I won a local tourney and I didnt even hit more than one cross up oga, I stayed on the ground and out footsied my opponent and had a solid anti air gameplan. the finals I was just random to put off my oppnent who was watching all my previous matches

Gen has a SOLID ground game. watch NU and Amiyu and you will see


I was expressing my anger at people that think that. I agree with you, dude.


lol ok, you are welcome.