The Federal Government wants your help to bring better broadband Internet to America

If you do a little searching on the internets you can find some free dial up hosts. It’s basically like making a phone call though. Would you say the same about cell phones or land lines?

Obama needs to push this project through. Fuck the voters. The extra jobs this would provide, decrease in router junctions per acre, less power consumption overall, and my latency would improve. Just put a law on telecom companies to prevent a price hike cause they’re greedy bitches and you know they’re going to charge more for what they didn’t or barely done. Then have the govt. skim off the top of said companies to “help” fix the deficit.

If you’re being disconnected from your ISP consistently, like once a day, once every 3 days, etc. It’s because the ISP is refreshing the IP address they’ve assigned to you. Some companies will let you keep the same one, while others will actually change it, especially DSL. They also really hate routers, because even if the computer is off, the router has the IP locked preventing the company from reassigning it to someone else when it’s not in use. It saves money I guess to reassign an existing IP than to create a new one. That’s why they just kick you off it instead. It was really confusing to me too, but that’s how our instructor explained it.

Everytime I see or hear “federal government wants to…” then I know it’s going to be epic fail

I have AT&T cable and its fast enough for me :coffee:


I’ve lost count of how many issues I’ve had with them and how many times I’ve had to call them out here.

And they got the shittiest phone system in existence. No I don’t want to take a survey, just put me through to the F’N operator!

GGPO will forever be the best online gaming experience if this plan doesn’t go into action.

Have fun with your 2 bar connection in SF4, bitches.

I wish Canada had something like FiOS, whereas here in Ontario it’s either Rogers crappy capped cable internet or Bell’s DSL, which is just utter trash.

But damn, more and more I envy Japan :frowning:

The telecoms are gonna continue to let the current infrastructure go to shit until the government steps in an offers to pay for upgrades. Then the telecoms are going to hike prices with faster internet speeds as the justification.

What are the chances of the US government just nationalizing internet service?

Yeah I’m stuck with Rogers. 60 gig bandwidth per month for 50 dollars? GTFO. I wish there was more competition, but I think we’re in a monoply market when it comes to internet?

Rogers and Bell sound just peachy-fantastic-wonderful. It’s no better in western Canada; as far as I know, pretty well everyone is stuck on Shaw cable (choppy as hell, frequent downtimes) or Telus DSL (slow and temperamental)… and you wouldn’t believe how many pocket areas are still rockin’ the old 56k.

If the States is 17th I can only imagine where Canada comes in. I thiiiink we have it a little worse here but I could be wrong. Rock, where are you getting that data?

Pretty much, I believe the third party suppliers such as Yak and what not get their bandwidth from Bell, which they supposedly throttle (although the CRTC might have changed that, so correct me if I’m wrong).

It’s rather annoying when Rogers puts out ads saying you can stream movies and whatnot, but don’t mention that there’s a limit or that they can throttle your speeds when they want (It’s happened to me :sad:)

Although I didn’t know the West had it so bad, I always thought even Shaw could do a better job than Rogers, even though Rogers owns most of Toronto :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy fuck me, I just ran a test on just out of curiosity and I got 22.53 mbps. Although it is 1:49AM…

EDIT: Just got over 25. I gotta start staying up later more often…

I’m also getting over 10 right now from a server on the other side of Canada…

Word. I’m getting by just fine on dsl w/1mb dl speed. This is just another diversionary topic for the Gov. They NEED to try to mass-deport illegal aliens who are driving up the cost of hospital care by showing up and claiming they can’t pay, knowing the hospitals will treat them anyway. Americans not being able to afford health care due to illegals raping the hospitals is fuckin’ ridiculous. Let an american try that shit in Mexico and see how far he’d get…

That just screams efficiency…

i would kill myself on that kinda connection.

i’m don’t wanna live in a country that’s 14th in speed. this is AMERICA!!! we’re #1 in calories, halo players, and mtn dew consumption. we need to be #1 in internets!

why bother with healthcare at this stage? with internet as shitty as it is i’d rather be dead.

Sounds Like a great Idea, but they’re more worried about how much money it would cost them to Get this thing set up and running. Who knows, maybe more than was was Offered to them.

Not an Expert or anything, just my thoughts on this.

But something does need to be done.

Fucking Japan, 500 MB s second? God I hate you and love you so much at the same time.

The Federal Government also wants me to pay taxes and not smoke weed.

Fuck em’

Like I said, that’s exactly what the government offered to the telecomm companies.

$7.2 billion to upgrade the infrastructure. The telecomm companies said no.

There had to be some stipulation about them making the infrastructure better for society and it cut into thier bottom line.

I used to see this point, but this is the United States; the country is already heavily fragmented broadband-wise, as-is. Plenty of rural places here have to go satellite as their illusory “second-option” since the cable company won’t lay pipes out there. And it’s no secret that FiOS is available only in some areas but not all.

There’s little reason for wealthy places in California and New York to not have beefed-up infrastructure on par with Japan.

Well, aside from…


Americans are being shafted by government-granted monopolies that are content to overcharge for using decades-old tech indefinitely. Most people have only two options, DSL or cable, both of which are usually crap and not truly competing with one another. The average best speed/price is, what? 12Mb for $60? We’re paying at least double what the better broadband countries are paying for much slower speeds.

Shit ain’t right.