The Federal Government wants your help to bring better broadband Internet to America

This. My Comcast is down right now for no fucking reason at all. I called em and they don’t know whats wrong so i have to wait till tomorrow for a guy to come out “Between 12 and 2.” I’m using my neighbors connection right now (He’s a nice guy) but I’m only getting 1 bar and i can’t DL or stream anything without it taking for fucking ever.

FUCK YOU COMCAST! It sucks that your the best option in my area.

mine is 54.mbps in laptop and 100 on desktop.

I still can’t believe the best DSL for residential in Chicago of all places is 6.0 Mbps.

And even that isn’t available in most of the city.

I know ATT is pushing U-Verse, but even getting that doesn’t improve your DSL speed.


Seriously, I’m all for broadband for every citizen here but before we do that we have to do a serious overhaul of our power grid. Almost every other week between the spring and early fall my neighborhood get’s brownouts and I live in freaking New Jersey. It doesn’t make sense.

BTW Comcast repair man ( who was fixing my cable box last year) mentioned the ‘cable system’ in my apt complex is like 35/40 years outdated, because I have Digital Cable if my cable box goes nuts it takes forever for them to fix it if it’s a internal error.

Ready for this?

Unsurprisingly, Time Warner is the first to openly and brazenly declare that it would rather charge its customers more for shit service than it would upgrade anything.

It’s another way for the government to control us. Think about it. FREE INTERNET. They now will have a way to control what we can do. That means people cant download music, watch tv or movies, and be able to search for stuff on the internet like how to make certain stuff.

When Time Warner tries the cap shit here I’m switching to Verizon FIOS. I would now but I’m too lazy to go through the necessary bullshit of canceling my service with Time Warner.

with a name like knology…

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Fuck Time Warner. The instant I can switch to something better I am.

No, it’s actually not.

Those numbers are standard maximum allowable mpbs “connection” numbers for wireless connection (your laptop) and direct ethernet connection (your desktop) that’s coming from your network adapter, not from your ISP.

Your network adapter is CAPABLE of 54 and 100 mbps from your wifi router and direction connection respectively, but your ACTUAL speed from your ISP is different. can show you a gauge of what your actual Mbps is.

how high is the dutch compareds to the rest of the world. i dl like over 1mb per second if its a good connection on torrents (movies and such). a really good connection gets me like 1500+kb per second. and we aint even nowhere close to having a fast connection, its average at best.

All those fiber optics would be way to expensive for us. Too much ground to cover too. I wish.

Careful…I hear Verison fios’ billing department is a bunch of retards. You might get shit like thousand-dollar bills. Their dsl isn’t bad, though. You get billed for 1.5 mb per sec dl, but your actual dl rate is 2.89mb per sec.

It’s a risk that with government and with big business intervention that the internet will become stagnant. That’s what I don’t want to happen. :frowning:

optimum online blows, often advertised as 15mbps but i prob only get a max of 10 on a good day… sigh

17th in the world is pretty pathetic

I still say fuck Time Warner, but now to a slightly lesser extent:

I’m glad they finally realized how much people won’t put up with their bullshit.

Broadband boost on its way for the US…

What’s the highest speeds you guys get currently? Here in Canada, the highest you can get is a 70MB downstream (at least through Rogers…not sure about Bell).

While I don’t wholeheartedly disagree with conspiracies against a government-run ISP (which is not what is being proposed, right?) I really hate that people feel they have the right to free music.