The Feedback Thread

I have created a feedback thread in the discussion groups on the King of Fighter XII Facebook page. The Ignition Rep is behind it and will be monitoring.

Please use that thread as a method of conveying your concerns to Ignition so that they may be elevated to SNKPlaymore.

Ignition has created a thread on their Facebook page speaking to suggestions for DLC that they might approach SNKPlaymore with.

Link to Facebook Group:

You’re Nickolas right? and the thread started? If yes, then I posted!


More characters, more modes, and a BOSS. Nuff said

posted in it

wearing kof shirt in main pic on fb

Well as far as what needs fixing. Im hearing that the 3 vs 3 doesn’t exactly work like it should, instead of 3 people controlling one char each vs. 3 people controlling one char each, its each player with their own team vs. Not sure whats up with that.

First and foremost, netcode and debugging is necessary. More chars and goodies will be useless if nobody plays it.

Yeah, that’s me. Oh noes my name is known to the public. That means Kira will come after me! (Sorry, I just finished watching Death Note. I apologize for my random act of ridiculousness).

I’m just glad to be able to help. Thanks for the feedback. Let’s just hope that SNKPlaymore hears our pleas for help and does something about. It’s about time a fighting game had awesome post release support.

Yes, a bossfull boss at that :party:

That’s the biggest disappointment for me. I know its supposed to be a Dream Match type of game but Time Attack should be apart of the feature set and not the only feature.

The menus are some ass. I don’t understand why it’s like this. Button mapping is extra dumb. Damn, get the simple shit straight plz.

I just want survival.
Like on KOF2000 where you unlock depending on how far you reach.

Instead of tag characters, give us like a extra color or something.

I don’t have a facebook- but some ideas of my own.

Cut down on the initial splash- the opening credits are about five times as long as any other fighter.

Make button select STHD style

Make online room options toggleable left/right without having to select A to do it

add online option to not allow 1-bar connections.

If any future content like patches/characters is added to the arcade- demand it as free update or at least DLC asap


I alerted those guys @ Ignition to the SRK thread but post it in the discussion group there.

A big concern I have is that they might want to try to charge for modes. This, I think, would be an abuse of the DLC concept. I know it’s a way of extending the life of the game but modes like that are just expected in fighters. Survival, Time Trial, Challenge Mode (I love Guilty Gear for that one).

Perhaps they’ll address that concern with the post-release patches?

Yeah I hope :. I guess you’re right about the “modes that should of been on the game”.

So I guess if ever they release these kinds of mode, it should be free.

Extra characters in the other hand is a different thing.
I kinda like shopping for characters. :smokin:

It’s like buying art.

I still don’t get the menu hate. Button mapping is as easy as setting up type A, B, C and D and having everyone choose a type.

its different from the norm, which is why its hated. once ur used to it tho, its actually quite good, and convenient to setting up buttons for tourneys and stuff.

I don’t see how that’s convenient at all, especially in tournaments. For example, the converter I have for Ps3 switches the order of the buttons

Triangle & Square Swap
X & O swap
R1 & R2 Swap
L1 & L2 Swap

Of course I only need four buttons, but chances are nobody else is going to need my button setup but me. Then there are sticks w/ different button layouts, so some players may map buttons to the inside or outside buttons depending on preference. And then you have players who may have learned the game @ CTF or another arcade, and want to swap to traditional Neo Geo layout.

Ultimately 4 setups aren’t going to cover all the possibilities, and it just makes it more confusing when both players have to make sure they’re on different map settings, and make sure their map setting is right, since it may have changed in between matches.

And then especially on PS3 where there’s always trouble making sure sticks are in the proper controller slot, it’s going to be a huge hassle when you apparently can’t quit out of char select screen back to the controller select. Players have to enter game, quit out to the main menu, reselect controllers enter game, confusing button check, then go back to member select again.

Your feedback has been passed along.

I agree. I plugged my stick in today and started to go remap my buttons and found the damn thing so clunky that I didn’t even remap them to the traditional button lay out. I then used my stick for the first few play throughs on arcade mode and I don’t know what the hell is wrong but it feels like there is input lag with my stick. I input the command and it doesn’t work. I was starting to get frustrated with this so I plugged in a controller and tested it out, it played fine and I didn’t have any problems with the controller. I went to test my stick out on all my other fighters that I have and had no problems with the same type of commands. So until that gets fixed my stick is pretty much useless with the game.

What stick is it?

No facebook, so Ill post in this thread.

Well obviously netcode needs to be fixed, but Im sure everyone has said that.

If any characters are added as Pay DLC, make sure its possible to play with the people that bought the characters, even better if non-owners will get access to play the character while playing with an owner (like Marvel Ultimate Alliance).

Also, its nothing big, but Id like character intros and more than one win pose. Im sure they took out intros/winposes because of the ridiculous amount of time it takes to draw everything, but still.

Oh, and give us a bossfight.