The "FGC" and "martial arts mysticism"

this is something that comes up a lot when people are “discussing” fighting game design and it is mostly with regard to “execution” versus “mindgames”:

people reject whatever game’s execution curve in a manner that paints it as immoral - offended that some chest-beating caveman might beat them without a strategy - positively certain that without the hundreds of thousands of hours required to harness their caveman powers, their superior bruce lee philosopher thinking man brain would net them a flawless victory

well anyway what do you guys think


@thats mind games
i was sort of confused with how the title of the thread and your intro were composed, but i kinda got it when i analyzed how you had worded it. imho, it’s not about the execution or mindgames or learning curve of the game, it’s the player’s methodology of adopting the games fixed mechanics. i think that over the years, developers have tried to improve the accessibility of fighting games especially for casual players. if you have the patience and an analytical mind to be able to break down a game and glean the info that you need, then you already upped your game because you understood the limitations of the game system. bonus points for finding bugs/glitches to exploit on hapless noobs. only then do you move on to execution/actual application of that knowledge of the game system, etc.

blaming “caveman” style play tactics is just utter crap to find an excuse when a scrub fails to win a game. the sheer unpredictability of the opponent might throw you off initially but understand that the other player is also confined to the limitations set by the game and not his/her skill level at all. also : mash out that reversal DP on wakeup. everytime. lol. 8l

my 2 cents.

peace out


I think I agree?

pay special attention as i draw a careful analogy between the purely mental aspects of fighting games and what i imagine coaching a professional league sports team to be like

I think I agree too, hate people constantly moaning about execution requirements seeming to want a strategy game but rather than playing a strategy game they bitch and moan about how fighting games should be strategy games.

An interesting parallel is your average scrub bitching about the more strategy orientated side of games because he can’t just walk up and do that uber combo he just learned, it really is the same kind of person wanting a part of the game they can’t deal with to just go away, but for some reason we lend our ears to one more than the other, when both really should just be ignored.

Fighting games are a good marriage of execution and strategy, if anyone wants just one of the two, there are other genres which can cater to them.