The FGC Needs to be a part of this

I’ll keep my words brief. As a PC player who loves to watch FGC events, I really think that something needs to be done to unite all the communities and games together for the overall good of the competitive gaming universe.

Look at what ESL is doing with its Intel Extreme Masters Events. There’s no reason why the FGC can’t be a part of this, especially after this weekend and Evo.

General Discussion

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it was more for the overall Competitive Gaming Universe. I’ll post this there as well, but I’m not trying to spam.

Ehh, to me, the competitive PC gaming world is an open market. It would be difficult to integrate a community whos roots are tied to the arcade days and now consoles. This community is predominantly console-based. People bought their copies on console already, so there is no way Intel is going to put their logos on top players.

Or Capcom could hand out more free copies of AE PC at EVO. That could catch everyone up lol.

But you did specifically say that…“The FGC needs to be a part of this…”