The FGC Needs to be a part of this...

I’ll keep my words brief. As a PC player who loves to watch FGC events, I really think that something needs to be done to unite all the communities and games together for the overall good of the competitive gaming universe.

Look at what ESL is doing with its Intel Extreme Masters Events. There’s no reason why the FGC can’t be a part of this, especially after this weekend and Evo.

esports is lame as fuck and i want competitive fighting games to have no part in that. cya

I think EVO numbers could have been much higher if it wasn’t on the same weekend as MLG.

um, you do realize that the reason these events are so big is because Intel and other sponsors get to push their line of products through it, it’s not exactly something that we can be a part of (we already have madcatz, what else is there? maybe we can get sanwa or seimitsu to sponsor an event lol)

sounds shortsighted…you wouldn’t want 200k ppl at a FGC event? The hype is just as hard there too…i don’t see the problem. The dynamic isn’t much different…

They have those sponsors because of the popularity of the games. Like the video says, its a spectating event. the FGC obviously has a large following and don’t be close minded on the actual sponsors that could be involved.

Madcats and HORI are just two names.
Why wouldn’t SONY sponsor an event? Their TVs could be featured as well as their sound systems
Why wouldn’t BOSE be a sponsor?
What about Samsung? O yea Samsung HAS sponsored events like CeBIT that runs along side IEM at Global Finals.
What about Red Bull? Mountain Dew? or other companies like Dr.Pepper who already sponsor gaming events and players.

What I’m trying to say is that the FGC deserves to have players that making a living doing what they love and thats competing. If a Counter-strike team can make a salary off of its games like many players have, there’s no reason players in the FGC shouldn’t. I know more and more are being paid and picked up by organizations like EG and coL which all started in Counter-strike but they should also be included in these huge events like IEM shown in that video i posted.

Old Spice.

Evo partnered with MLG in 05. It did not work out. Almost no fight man players respect console FPS players, and even fewer care for Smash. Starcraft would be nice to see but they have enough of a draw to run their own events. I also don’t see why it’s necessary to bring this stuff all under one umbrella financially. CPL (FPS league) crashed and burned due to mismanagement, and it catered to a single player base.

this might be something that could interest certain sectors of the fighting game community, sometime in the future. The SRK forum is not one of those sectors.


  1. People hate the idea that more people are actually watching FGs than actually playing them. There is enough of the already (poverty has stricken me with this as well) You think that they want 500,000 people watching FGs and like 40 actually playing them? What happens when people stop watching?

  2. This would destroy the fact that a majority of people want this to stay a hobby.

Well, as someone who plays fighting games, I’d prefer not to be united under the banner of esports.

Is it really a community when mostly everyone hates each other?

There’s already too many people here that watch instead of play and then adamantly argue in the forums about how broken or OP a character is and how they want the whole cast to be viable and used in a competitive setting because seeing the same character through out the tournament is “boring”.

You guys act like you have a say in this. It’s going to happen. What player is going to boycott a huge tournament that their sponsor wants them to go to? With a huge cash prize, and huge exposure? No-one. Give it 1-3 years, some sponsor filled “invitational” tournaments will start popping up.

Competetive 2d fighting and esports are the exact same fucking thing. Playing video games, for money.

There’s a big difference between a bunch of guys getting together and running their own poker day and playing for money, and a bunch of soulless corperations getting together to throw an event where they can showcase their products and throw their brands everywhere while people play poker for their sponsers interests.

Because that’s what E-Sports is, a bunch of corperations throwing miniscule amounts of money around so they can generate a meteric ton of advertising and goodwill just for dressing up a bunch of manchildren up like corperate mascots so they can play their hobbies while lesser manchildren fantasize about being good enough to be a corperate shill one day.

At least big events like final round are still run BY the community and FOR the community. The last thing I want is for fighting games to become like ‘E-Sports’ or M:TG, because those are horribly impersonal affairs with a definate corperate bent; and why I no longer participate in them.

I don’t like the idea of “invitational” tournaments. I mean the tagline I always heard with EVO was that anyone could join and compete on (mostly) equal footing

I think that it is inevitable that more sponsors will push into the tourney scene, but we need to keep the balance between that and the “by the community, for the community” mentality that is so great about FGs. How you do that though, I have no idea.