The FGC vs The people who like fighting games : hd turbo turkey sandwich edition


I find with many people that i speak to, who thinks of themselves apart of the FGC,( this is many not all by the way), seem to think that the FGC is the majority consumer or should i say the more hardcore side of the fighting game community.

As you may possibly know, this is far from the truth. look at tekken for example while many people could say its community is lacking right now, each edition of tekken sells, alot. to be honest way more than any fighting game, period. that " The best selling fighting game" line they put in the trailer, not a lie.
why is that, i suppose it appeals to a larger fan base. ( well, to be honest alot of other fighting games, are kinda…racist, we will expand on that in another forum)

the reason i bring this up, is because i myself am a fighting game fan, for odd reasons, but i am. and when i speak to others, alot of times there is this unwelcome air to new comers. i even heard one person talk about how fighting games need to go back how they used to be, and it was better when less people were playing. while that statement in itself earns several face palms,it did make me think, how did this even happen? its kind of like, when old school sonic fans say that old school sonic was the best and did the best, and cant acknowledge that a certain black and red hedgehog pulled Sega out a financial crisis, and sells video games, comics, memorabilia, ect.

this odd disconnect is something i have noticed just wanted to talk about.


Because the older people get the better they were


There’s always one fateful day where a series/game was released with high quality and appeal that draws people to it. Then the company gives people more of it. The longer this process goes on, the more ‘bored of it’ the original fans become and they cling to nostalgia. The new players who missed the first experience are now finding the game and feeling what you felt ages ago. Its your problem, not theirs, games still good, and it now belongs to the new players (and as compensation, you beat in their faces)


i suppose i don’t really let nostalgia dictate my judgement that much. nostalgia is always the worse critic


although i am quite young, im apart of that whole elementary school watching toonami generation. the only fighting game series i have bored myself with is dbz, because dbz is the madden of fighting games.


DBZ isn’t even primarily a fighting franchise.


People think SRK is still all the super hardcore and tournament players when in fact they’re probably in the minority.


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But the old school Sonic games were the best.


Newcomers are always disdained by veteran players, simply because the vast majority of newcomers come into the competitive scene with poor attitudes. We can help the new guys get into fighting games, teach them the basics, how the game engine works, etc etc, but we’re not going to waste our time with some whiny kid who spends more time complaining about the game than actually bothering learning how to play it.

This is why we have the Newbie section. It’s specifically in place to allow new players to get their feet wet, so to speak, by asking basic questions, being lead to stickied posts, faqs, tutorials, and guides, by the members of the community who are willing to help them. Fighting games are admittedly a difficult genre to get into without any prior experience, both at a technical level and mental level.

Also, most fighting game fans don’t necessarily show up to offline events to support their local scenes. They play primarily with their own small group of friends, or online, and thus we don’t see sales number match tournament player entrants or guys who show up to casual sessions.


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i would argue that
but i can understand your saying that


one," the fast majority of newcomers come into the competitive scene with poor attitudes" is an subjective over statement.

dos, i have seen my fair share if veterains with horrid attitudes, that haven’t let go of the 90’s. or rather 90’s mentality

trios i know that fact, the forum isnt about why, its about why alot people (specifically the hard core or the fgc) cant acknowledge this fact. its kind of like when people complain about ssbb, but ssbb was the fastest selling game ever, or still i don’t quite know. and a majority if not all the reviews for the thing was positive. but the hard core community didn’t like some of the mechanics, so they say they aren’t going to buy the game or something or petition or something when in actuality the amount of people complaining is so minuscule comparative to the people who bought ssbb, its kinda pointless.and even when people have hacked the game to make it how you want it to be they still complain

obviously in street fighter or tekken that analogy doesn’t quite work, because there are plenty of tourney’s for those things across the planet , not to say smash doesn’t have them, its just not as much.


I see it kind of like 4chan; The majority of the FGC are streatm monsters and shit players, the real, good players are those who actually like fighting games.


that doesn’t make sense but ok, im pretty sure my sister who isn’t good at any fighting game likes the hell out of hers sir, just saying.


That doesn’t make her part of the FGC, though. That makes her someone who likes fighting games, but isn’t interested in them competitively. The FGC is strictly the competitive part, not random Naruto game fans too.


Wait, what? DBZ fighters don’t even come out that often. I’m not really counting stuff like Raging Blast/UT either.


Shadow sucks.



That not your place to decide that, competitive could be someone who likes kicking ass online who doesent do tournoments, and my sister is invested in them, she loves them (and her m.bison out fit, thank god she got rid of it) but anyways, who said anything about naruto, kinda of weird thing to assume, that could imply alot of messed up things, but I wont.

And you don’t get to define what a fighting game is, the mechanics, and why we play the game defines a genre so a game like naruto is fighting game weither you aknowlege it or not.


I accept your opinion
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