The fight is over! - Guy at Evo2k. How did we do?

Well I’m off to evo tomorrow. My first tournament experience. Lol. I decided to start with the big one. I’m starting at a disadvantage as I will be flying in late getting to ceasers almost an hour late so most likely I’ll be in the losers bracket from the start. Still an experience I want to have. Anyone else going? I want to represent my main win or lose. It be nice to post your experiences here after the event. I hopefully will learn more about Guy as well.

Good Luck. :rock::tup:

Ryan Hart,Combofiend and Dieminion are all attending EVO.I wish them and Youlost2me good luck at EVO with Guy!

im going lols

Damn now I wish I went… Tsukimiya should have attended.

I will not be attending EVO2010. :sad: But fear not! You’ll see me repping the UK in about 4 short months. If i’m mistaken, Combofiend will not be in attendance. But I do want to wish Ryan Hart and EVERY OTHER GUY PLAYER major luck.

Blood why did you quote me then say you wish you were going ? loll

American Guys stick together and we could of thrown down some casuals lol

true true lol wouldve been fun

i’ll be there for casuals on saturday and sunday

cool sounds good, we should try and meet up Obey

Good luck guys! Show them the power of Bushinryu!

I really wish I could go, but this aint the year for me. Theres always next year, though. Anyway, good luck with Guy, show them whos boss! Maybe I’ll see you on the live stream.

Thanks Cheech, Dragon and all the other Guys (no pun intended) for the encouragement. Hope to bump into all those going! See you there!

By the way, I’ll be the one lugging around my suitcase all day cause I came straight from the airport. Lol.

yeahh pm me your number and I’ll give u a call when I’m there

I live in vegas and never get around to going, and sadly when i resolved to go this year real life kicked me in the teeth. However should things resolve faster than i’d hoped i’ll probably drop by at least and watch some rounds.

thanks for all the support Guys. im sure were going to do well. lets show everyone how much Guy is slept on !

Here’s the update! I got eliminated lol. However for my first tournament I am proud of myself. I went through the first three brackets but got beat by a guy named AndyOCR from Cali, he took me out with his Bison after that I basically threw the losers bracket match. I was dead tired. I missed my morning pool match but was fortunate to get placed in the evening brackets due to Obama rerouting my plane. That place was packed !!! Marvel vs. Capcom looks good. Saw Chris hu. Don’t really recognize anyone else. Going to go for casuals and try and get a gold te stick on Sunday. I was playing under my government, Dwayne because of my late entry. It was very hard standing there all day waiting for a match but worth it. Overall had fun. I would definitely go back. Saw a few people playing guy. Alot playing balrog and bison. That’s it for now. How is everyone else doing?

AndyOCR is the guy who put Justin Wong into losers bracket in the last norcal regionals and later had to fight him again for first place.

yeah no shame in losing to AndyOCR that guy is legit