The Fight Money General Discussion Thread - Post all the tips/tricks/exploits you can find


Characters= 100k
Costumes = 40k

Because no one wants to pay for that dlc non-sense, post some easy ways to get fight money.

Obviously you should do every characters, it’ll give you 10k each (160k total) AND it’s only like 3-5 fights per character. Even if you don’t care about the story you can still skip the cutscenes.

Winning a random ranked/casual match will give you only 50, if you manage to level up a character you get 1k.

Do everyone’s easy survival mode, can’t remember how much it gives you but it should be free, just rush them down. It’ll also give you color 3.

Currently I’m having problems with normal survival mode with some characters, Either Zangief, Necalli, Bison or Laura body me. Doing a normal survival with a character will give you colors 4, 5 and 6 and 10k fight money. Hard unlocks Colors 7, 8, 9, and 10. Hell gives you a title (lol)

Only ai exploit I found was Rashid’s qcb+k move being VERY spammable on them, in normal mode at least. Also turning FIGHT REQUEST to ask can save you if you are about to lose just press start and accept the match. When you return the match will start over.

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640k for all the story costumes? What a drag.


For survival I’ve noticed that the AI has a hard time dealing with sweep/throw spam…
Spam sweep or throw until stun and do a major combo after.

Pretty lame but if you’re having problems it’s something you can try i suppose


Completing survival on easy mode gives you 5000 FM, so 16x5000 = 80.000, it’s basically enough for 2 story costumes, and almost a DLC character. Thankfully it’s miles easier than the other difficulties because the A.I doesn’t read inputs at any matches.

If any of you play Laura an easy exploit would be cr.MP -> LP Elbow and repeat, though I’m more or less certain that it won’t work on Bison. For Nash I think spamming Sonic Booms from full screen (mainly the HP version) can work when the A.I gets harder (something like from round 25 onward).

Does hard and hell mode give any FM at all or is it just for colors/title?


can you earn this stuff offline? need something to do when Ono turns the modem off




Some info for you guys:

3k fm per story completion
??? exp which gets you to level 8 on a character = 7k fm (do we start out at level 0? if so, it’s 2k/8k)
so… 10k per story mode clear
160k for all of story mode.

2k per easy survival completion
5k exp which got me 4 levels on a level 8 ryu = 4k extra fm
so… 6k per easy
96k for all of easy mode

5k per normal completion
10k exp which got me 5 lvls on a level 12 ryu = 5k extra fm
so… 10k per normal
160k for all of normal mode

10k for hard completion
20k exp which got me 5 levels on a level 17 ryu = 5k extra fm
so… 15k per hard
240k for all of hard mode

20k for hell completion
40k exp which got me 7 levels on a level 22 ryu = 7k extra fm
so… 27k per hell
432k for all of hell mode (lol at whoever does this)

Story mode: 10k per character clear.
Easy Survival: 6k per character clear.
Normal Survival: 10k per character clear.
Hard Survival: 15k per character clear.
Hell Survival: 27k per character clear.
NOTE: This is assuming you do these in order.

1,088,000 fm for doing all single player content in the game at the moment. so you get to skip out on 3-4 hell clears if you’re chasing 1m fm trophy and also making money playing online.


FM is server side. Earning it offline is impossible.


So I got to round 61 or 62 with Dhalsim by basically just doing standing MP, MK and HK, the A.I basically eats everything, later on when it gets “smarter” it starts blocking but they’d stop doing that at some point so at least you get that white chip bonus turned into real damage. He seems to be a character that can abuse certain things that others can’t in hard and hell mode.

There are still a few problems though… mostly character specific:

-Vega can be a pain if he’s at sweep distance, basically he reads your inputs more often when he’s closer to you so I’d recommend doing jabs or back MK to keep him out a bit. He also jumps sometimes so beware of that
-Nash can jump some times and in later stages, he will also throw sonic booms, etc. Throwing out fireballs (EX or not) at nearly or full screen distance can help you out.
-Rashid is pretty much the same, though he probably jumps more than Nash.
-Zangief will most likely do a sweep at when the round starts, so don’t do anything because there’s a risk you may get crush countered.
-Cammy and Bison are those characters that you don’t want them near you ever because they can do legit counter hits into combos, you can avoid this by keeping them at a distance by spamming st.MP or MK which will make them crouch block for quite some time but it can only be for so long (more so for Bison).

All other characters are quite easy to deal with even at later stages, Chun for example will crouch during most of the round and sometimes she won’t even do anything if you just spam Dhalsim’s stretchy moves. If things get ugly though it’s a good idea to throw fireballs at a distance, or do his V-Trigger as soon as possible (it seems like it’s good to do cancel into it from a slide).


I don’t seem to be earning any fight money at all. Anyone else experiencing this?


You’ll only gain it when you play online


I am… Am I not supposed to get some after I win a match? I just don’t seem to be getting any. I earned about 145k day 1 in Story Mode and that’s it. I thought they suspended the feature until the servers are more stable or something.


probably the servers acting up. Sometimes it won’t register wins/loses to the server


I think it’s funny that Capcom is saying we can buy all the DLC with earning fight money. Once you beat story and survival (If you beat survival) winning online matches is the only route. 50 FM per win does not add up very fast. You have to win 2,000 matches to have enough for one character LOL. Who has time for that?! I guess they’ll get my money.


What happens if you do a survival thing offline and complete it? Will it count as completed but you will get nothing? How do you know if you completed one online or offline and whether you can still get FM for it?


Pretty specific, but the AI seems susceptible to Chun Li spamming and, throwing in now and then.


Taking into account that time is limited for a lot of people (me) and we do not have time to grind on survival mode. Which is the best way to spend MONEY and FIGHT MONEY to get the most bang for your buck. I think most of us will get the 160K FM from story mode and whatever we earn fighting online. Should I purchase the season pass and spend my FM on things that do not come on the season pass?


Thats really odd


Now I can’t install the latest in-game patch and play the game. FML.