The Fight Night Round 4 Thread

Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em…errrr FNR4 demo should be up around June 14/15. Game drops June 29.

The game so far, gameplay wise seems to be a step back frm FNR3. :confused:

I’ve been posting at EA’s FN boards a while now. I haven’t played the demo yet b/c I ordered from my local Coconuts. BUT… ppl have felt the timed block counter happened too frequently, Brian “Brizzo” Hayes assured us that this will be fixed in the final build, as well as hook spamming being very difficult to execute frequently. He also said you will not be able to push an opponent as frequently as in the demo I did terrible online in FNR 3, because of the haymaker/ parry ridiculousness, the few losses I had to actual people who boxed felt far more satisfying. Anyone who wants to have serious, tactical fights, add me to your PSN. The ability to use Tommy Hearns to keep guys on the outside is thrilling to me, using his double jab, triple jab, then drop the right hand. If Tyson players try to bob and weave, get in too close, they’ll eat uppercuts or be tied up.

As for buttons, the reason why people liked them online was to get combos off faster. Also button punches were unbalanced, they did way more damage than using TPC, Kudo Tsunoda and EA Chicago NEVER attempted to balance things out, according to a cat named POETICDRINK2U, who has talked extensively with the developers, as well as going to the initial Community Event back in Vancouver this past January. As a boxing fan I’m happy this game will be more sim than arcade, and 2 players who know what their doing will be beautiful.

Bleh, still a while away. It woudn’t be quite as annoying if the FNR3 demo was still up on the Marketplace :annoy:

Oh really? I thought it was a good improvement actually.

Removal of the parry system alone was a big deal, and the perfect block is much harder to use and the window for a big counter is smaller it seems too.

It feels faster paced and more realistic now, with it being easier to combo jabs and straights with the analogue, and the bigger range of haymakers by using a modifier is a better than having pre-set super punches as well I think.

My favourite additions are in-fighting and the degrading block meter though, it gives a bit of a leg up to stonger and slower fighters like Frazier and Lamotta, so they can get in close and break the opponents guard while the faster characters can try to keep their distance and keep moving.
I also like that it’s harder to get knockdown and KO’s than it used to be.
Maybe it’s just me, but I really think the gameplay is better.

I will get this game day one when it comes out. I played the hell out of the other FN’s. From the footage I’ve seen, this will be the best FN. You actually have to…box in order to be effective in this game it seems.

It’ sick.

it’s going to be hilarious picking Sweet Pea online and doing all of his slick defensive stuff because ppl will get pissed probably b/c they’ve never seen a Whitaker fight. I’ll be using the real tactics of all the boxers I play as. Seijuro, add me to your PSN.

CJ81 I’ll add you to my psn. I love that they have whitaker in this game. But they have my fav boxer in this game. Thomas the Hitman Hearns. Can’t wait to dance around with him and stick out his sick jabs waiting for a chance to connect with his strong right. God I love boxing.

holy shit… Hearns is my fav. boxer too, that’s who I intend to play as a lot of the time. I’ve been waiting since the original KO Kings for him to be in the game. I’ll have to pick Ray Leonard, Hagler or Duran against your Hearns. BTW, do you happen to remember the bizarre scoring of rounds 3 and 11 in the second Leonard-Hearns fight? I think those two rounds SRL hit the canvas and round 5, where Hearns was hurt caused the draw. At the risk of hijacking the thread, this should probably be in the boxing thread, but what are your thoughts on Ronald Hearns? I was very dissapointed in him against Harry Joe Yorgey, because, I felt his style mimic’s his dad a bit too much, left hand at his waist, etc without having the exceptional boxing ability and power Tommy had. He goes down like his father too LOL.

i just really didnt liek how whenever i played online, the higher ranked players would just throw haymakers all fuckign fight and get a miracle punch in on the fuckign 10th round and win. if its not liek that anymore then i might be down to play it

Demo is now out for everyone with a XBL Gold account. Like how the demo begins with a tutorial now, unlike the previous demo which just threw you in a match without explaning anything.

Great! gonna test it right now, thanks ProfJJ.

I got through an entire fight with out throwing a haymaker… there should be an achivement for that or something.

Ducking under Manny’s straight, landing a counter hook and dizzying him is hella satisfying. Also, from the official forums:


ProfJoynt, do you have the PS3 or 360 demo? I read the PS3 demo doesn’t hit till next week.

I just played this for like 4 hours straight tonight. I haven’t played FNR3 but I must say this game is fuckin’ GREAT. Scoring a knockdown is mad hard, I’ve only gotten 1 so far with a haymaker right hook when Hatton was stunned. The movement and jabbing is really sweet, you can flow around the ring and just throw jabs and straights to keep the distance. Can’t wait for this to come out.

360 demo, yes.

Feels great but the movements had to be improved.
Good to know they did improve them.
I’ll definitely get the game, really enjoyed the demo, KOs are harder than before (that might be because of the weight though).

I hope they have a more varied selection of boxers, it was kinda vintage the selection from FN3.

There is something wrong with the demo I downloaded. Every time I try to run it my xbox just freezes up. Nothing else has this happen, only the FN4 demo. The EA forums say they know it’s happening but don’t have any kind of fix yet, I want to play some Fight Night dammit.