The Fight Scene Thread 2

Ok, so I decided to make a new fight scene thread. a thread dedicated to new, old and independant fight scenes. martial arts films is the reason fighting games were made so let’s contribute by showing fight scenes that have got our legs twitching :rofl:

im gonna start off with a short film by an independant film making group called LazyBrown Productions (LBP) who have recently been travelling north america and collaberating with other like minded film makers. this short film is called F.T.W, it starts off slow but its deffinetly worth watching it all the way through

For The Win!

heres a science fiction short with a lil street fighter referance

The first one has some really nice ass fight scenes. I checked out there other vids there pretty good.

Anthony VS./Neema VS.

Shawn VS.

Wow at the first video using Evangelion soundtrack.

Wow at me knowing that.


I’ve always wanted to do some stuff like this. Spidermexican’s stuff is pretty good!

from another group. main chubby guy you always see is named lester nguyen (vietnamese)

its nice to see that it’s growing with very talented people contributing, makes me wonder how a lot of film makers have a problem matching the quality of people like the stunt people, lazybrown productions, and now these guys; Rising Tiger inc

I’m gonna have to subscribe to this guy…

LBP Vs. TheStuntPeople

wonderful way to start out the vid lol. Stunt people’s stuff is pretty interesting as well.

Edit: I love how some of these videos start out lol

here’s a new vid done by spidermexican recently

Team Internet - LPB invades Toronto: Part Deux

finally a “black” guy in these shorts that actually moves properly! this shit is making me sad that i havent started yet :sad: