The Fighters Alliance Box opening of Razer's Arcade stick


Video one


Video two


I was invited to come over there and try it out but i had personal issues i had to attend to. If you guys have any Question about the stick Feel free to ask me any questions and i will get back to you.

WTB: Razer Atrox, Release, Beta or Prototype Model

Now that is extremely cool and is making me reconsider the V.S. just because it is so convenient to pop open. My question is, does it give off a cheap hollow feel when you really begin to mash on it?


I should be getting the stick today pending my managers approval for my little review.


looks like an earlier version of the prototype as it lacks the changes that were announced on the stick (assuming they’re making those prototype changes)
From what I can see
-uses USB A as a connector instead of USB B
-no honeycomb mesh at the bottom of the stick


seriously, when the hell do we hear something about this stick in terms of price and release?


Wow, that’s a nice looking stick. Doesn’t look like it will be easy to switch to an Astro layout :frowning:


i’ve held out on buying a new stick since this was first announced. Just wish we’d get some info…


No more news about the Razer Stick? Why they’re taking so long to release it already. Hopefully it’s worth the wait. :slight_smile:


Look at my post above.


Keep talk about the development of the stick on the actual Razer thread.


Nice thanks :tup:

Thanks. I didn’t that was the official.