The Fighters Arena [XBOX360] - TEKKEN TAG 2 Online Leagues & Tournaments


The Fighters Arena is an XBOX 360 fighters community that host regular leagues and tournaments. The primary focus of this site is our leagues and they are hosted on TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2. The League is currently UK ONLY as the prizes that we currently offer are UK microsoft points, as the community grows we would then be open to players from other countries to be involved.

We offer Two Leagues for TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 a TAG League where players have control of two characters in thier matches with the added tactic of tagging at the right times this league is surely going to impress. There is also a SOLO League where each player will have control of 1 character just like the original tekken series.
The Fighters Arena is the best place to come and compete on your favourite fighter titles and is the only place for competitive tekken in a league format. We also offer Tournaments across various games such as: Super Street Fighter IV:AE,Dead or Alive 5,TEKKEN 6,KOF XIII,Persona 4 and we even host a RETRO tournament section where we dust off our titles or download them from the xbox live marketplace and put them to work with a competitive tournament.

the forums and the chatbox on the site is a place where our growing community offers thier views & opinions aswell as banter with other users on the site,the whole ethos of the site is about respect so we expect no flame wars or disrespect towards one another and most of all enjoy your time with us and compete with the users on this site in our events. Feel free to hangout on the site and lay the banter on the forums aswell as challenge your fellow community members to scrims over various fighter titles, we host tournaments regularly a few times every month and we have a huge ambition for our TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 LEAGUES so now is a good time to become part of this community and join us in our leagues and tournaments.


The Fighters Arena Admin Team: Potleg UK, vT Naive x,NSG IronLion,Trikss1st


We launch the site officially on Sunday 23rd of September 2012 and we launch with a TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 SOLO TOURNAMENT that also will help towards the seeding places for the SOLO League. The Leagues are due to start with WEEK 1 fixtures on Monday 8th of October, the signup deadline is Sunday 30th of september from 6pm to ensure fixtures and divisions are setup in time ready for the following days to arrange and confirm the fixtures. The TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 SOLO TOURNAMENT is invite only but to get a place in the tournament post your interest in the chatbox on the site along with your gamertag so you can be added for the tournament. look forward to the site becoming popular and let’s all together get the fighter genre recognised as thier is currently not that much out ther for fighter games.