The fighting game community and shit talking

I understand from what I’ve read that the fighting game community does lots of racist talk, sexual harassment, and other stupid things that would otherwise get your ass kicked. This is my question:

Has anyone actually gone from fighting game to actually ass kicking or ass kicked?

You must be here because of what happened at Cross Counter with Aris. Sure, fights happened in the old days at the arcade between kids all the time, and tensions heating up with Marvel 2 is not unheard of either. Then we’ve also got Noel Brown. It happens.

eh? In any competitive environment you will find shit talkers (work, school, video games, sports, etc.) this is nothing new, you see this every day.

Noel Brown punched some dude on crutches lol. Most would get their asses busted IRL so they keep the shit talking to anonymous online where they are relatively safe. I’ve been to tournaments where people who I’ve had problems with were online expecting them to be the same motherfuckers they were when they were talking shit here, but they were not. At the end of the day fighting gamers are still, by in large, just extremely dedicated gamers. And most of those people are not dangerous.

Not to the same levels that Aris Bakhtanians tried to state.

Don’t feed the newb/troll/concerned citizen wanting to bring up something we are trying to forget, and this isn’t FGD get this shit out of here.

You made an SRK account today just to ask this dumb ass question?

Ahh, here we go.

A new account just to beat a dead horse? In the wrong section too? And “shit” in the thread title? No thanks.