The Fighting Game Community


Right, first off I’d just like to thank each and every one of you guys in the FGC that has made me welcome during the stream of EVO 2012. I’m a newb in fighting games, but have competed both in FPS and Racing games since I was 11 years old both in NA and Korea. I’m apart of the staff over at Cadred. Although we don’t exclusively cover fighting games to any degree, I decided to pull a few strings and managed to get out a review of EVO 2012.

I understand from both a strategic standpoint as well as a gamer’s standpoint the aspect of e-sports and understand why many of you tend to shun it, as it is indeed something that could be structured better (as stated in my article below). The main point of this thread is to just let you guys know that you’re a force in professional gaming and that I respect your warm welcome, contrary to the public’s view of the FGC being a vulgar and trashy community.

Please take a moment to take a quick glance at my review below, and if you guys see anything that is inaccurate (as it was a bit rushed) please let me know. By no means am I attempting to advertise Cadred – I just felt that after being so hyped up about an exceptional event, I’d let you all know that you are appreciated. Thank you again for your support in gaming and keep on doing what you guys do!

**TL;DR Version: **I’m a brand new member to the FGC and have become a huge fan of the movement. You all are appreciated, thank you!

My EVO 2012 Review (CLICK HERE)