The Fighting Game Console Port Differences thread

I notice on a lot of threads, people claim that X version of game Y is not arcade perfect, but they usually cannot explain exactly what the differences are. I thought it’d be useful to list which games are perfect on console ports, which are playable but have a few differences, and which ones are utter trash, but most importantly WHY.

I’ll update this first post with all of your submissions that aren’t challenged. I’ll eventually seperate these into catagories of perfect, near perfect, non tournament playable, and garbage.

Here we go:
CvS2/DC: Good enough for tournaments, near perfect (Differences?)
CvS2/PS2: Need more info?

Fatal Fury Special/Sega CD: Unplayable. Frames missing, constant slowdown.

Garou MOTW/PS2: Good enough for tournaments, near perfect. Slight timing differences, Guard Cancel letters don’t show up when you guard cancel.

Garou MOTW/DC: Not tournament playable. Sloppy port. Terry stage causes lag, timing differences, sound effects taking place later than the action that causes them.

Guilty Gear XX Reload/PS2/Xbox: Near Perfect?

KOF '98/Playstation: Have not played a whole lot, but from what I have seen on emulator, gameplay wise it is consistent with the arcade.
KOF '99DM (KOF 98 MVS port)/DC: Not tournament playable. Speed seems different and jumps seem “floaty”.

KOF '99/DC Unplayable, speed too slow.

MvC2/DC: Good enough for tournaments, near perfect (Differences?)
MvC2/PS2: Need more info?

MSH vs SF/Saturn: Arcade Perfect?

SF3: Third Strike/DC: Debateable input lag, faster-than-arcade, uses version B which removes unblockables.
SF3: Third Strike/PS2: Faster than arcade but tournament worthy? More info?

SFA3/Saturn: Playable, but not for tournaments. Dhalsim’s normals have different properties than they do in the arcade. Balrog can do Buffalo headbutt as a non-reversal move.
SFA3/DC: Became the basis for SFA3 Upper. Dhalsim slowed down, includes ST new characters, more info?

Soul Calibur/DC: Superior to arcade.

Soul Calibur 2/PS2: Windmill Stage and Ivy cause lag.

ST/PC: Unplayable. Crashes even after multiple patches, more info?

ST/CCC2: Playable, but probably not for tournaments. Speed settings are crazy and inconsistant across the stages. Deejay and T. Hawk stages are unplayable with slowdown, Fei Long has slowdown as well. Versus mode is glitchy, and there are weird sound glitches as well (Cammy’s cannon sound effects can be heard in matches she isn’t fighting in).

ST/DC Possibly best home version of ST right now after certain dipswitch settings are used. Because of resolution issues the sprites seem smaller than arcade, or you can see more of the playing field? Players must relearn timing for when the round starts from “Round 1 FIGHT”, the player must execute commands later than in arcade.

ST/Anniversary Edition (Only pick super turbo characters): Input for Vega/Claw walldive is messed up, executed by d, K+u. Also New characters cannot tech throws from old characters.

Vampire Savior/Saturn: Arcade Perfect?

ST/PC- it’s weird, the US version crashes for me but I’ve never had a problem with SSF2X Grandmaster Challenge ( JP dump ), it’s never crashed on me, not once.

JoJo on PSX- NOT suitable for tournaments at all, characters have infinites not possible in the arcade / DC version due to weird dash cancelling bug

3s/DC - Lag input (Still debatable) and faster speed. Uses Version B (No unblockables)
3s/PS2 - Tournament worthy. Still faster than arcade and certain Akuma tactics don’t work. More details needed

HF CCC1/PS2 & XBOX - Runs too fast and uses Japanese version of the game. Mostly playable in tournaments
HF/ 360 - Same as above

Last Blade 2 ( PS2 ) - from what i’ve read PS2 port is essentially unplayable, and i think DC version runs slow ( need more info? Kyokuji? anyone? )
MVC2 ( PS2 ) - graphics glitches, slowdown, unplayable
XvSF ( PS1 ) - YOU CANNOT SWITCH PARTNER, slowdown, unplayable.
UMK3 ( PS1) - unplayable, way more glitchy than arcade.
Soul Calibur 2 - this is a big one i’ve wondered about. PS2 version clearly has slowdown missing in other versions ( very noticeable in Ivy matches, or just matches with a lot of big graphical effects going on ) but still got used in tournaments Y/N? unsure of Cube / Xbox but i’m sure all console exclusive characters were banned

MSHvSF (PS1) - Slowdown fixed, still can’t switch partners (except in the event of a mirror match). Super canceling introduced. Presumably, the same traits carry over to MvC (PS1).

i remember the cvs2 for ps2 is a little more pixelated than the DC ver
xbox/GC ver has no RCing

The PS2 CvS2 version has more pixelated graphics and worse-muffled sound than the DC version.

All games, eh? heh.

Samurai Shodown (Genesis): unplayable. Basic hard attacks changed, taking away ALL original hard (air crouch and stand) attacks.

Samurai Showdown (Snes): arcade perfect, except it’s zoomed-out all the time, and has no fatalities. All attack animations present and accounted for.

Fatal Fury 2 (genesis): Arcade perfect, with minor graphical shortcomings

Fatal Fury 2 (Snes) semi-playable. Small characters, controls too tight to reliably perform any move that requires use of :up:.

Mortal Kombat (genesis) nearly unplayable. Sluggish controls, HORRIBLE graphics and music, red turds pass for blood if you squint real hard, so this version gets more hype from the people duped into buying it.

Mortal Kombat (snes) runs slightly faster than arcade version, near-perfect graphics, altered fatalities…cum instead of blood (I guess ANY internal fluid’s better than the red stuff, huh?)

Mortal Kombat 2 (genesis) eh…playable, I guess: sluggish gameplay, terrible music, merely adequate graphics, return of the red turds

Mortal Kombat 2 (snes)semi arcade-perfect: runs slightly faster than the arcade, everything intact, including actual blood, not red turds.

But the gameplay is more perfect from what I’ve heard.

And the GC version has the most “fixes.” It has balance changes that aren’t included in the XBOX EO.

But DC pretty much IS the arcade version…right?

mainly because PS2 version sports a bit of a higher resolution

Rhio2k: DC and PS2 versions are pretty much identical

These were never arcade games, were they? Nice try sneaking furries into the topic though. This thread is about PORTS.

mk2 on snes is arcade perfect? crazy

i kinda like this thread. should be a thread or something with all the best chosen console versions so people can decide which to use, easier

Last Blade for PS2 - has horrendous slowdown, probably other shit too, but the slowdown is what kills it.

Fatal Fury 1 (SNES) - Slow, No plane switching, no 2p co op mode, no arm wrestling bonus game, awful 8-bit sounding music, missing cinema scenes, 2P gets to be bosses in VS mode,

Not like anyone plays this one seriously though.

Thanks airthrow for that info on CCC2 cuz i was at evoworlds2k7 and mad heads be complaining bout CCC2 being used and i didn’t know why anyways i play AE on xbl n have very few problems with the game in fact the only BIG problems with it is lag and champion bison other then that it’s fine.

HF on the xbl arcade however…is a fucking trainwreck and heres why:

  • lags worse then any game on the face of the planet (yes worse then cvs2!).
    -even when it doesn’t lag it’s slow as hell especially compared to AE or CCC2.
    -ryu/kens srk has 0 recovery and beat out everything n it’s alot harder to punish then it should be.
    -ehonda n blanka are fucking beasts! they are unfairly overpowered so try the game out for yourself and you’ll see what i mean.
    -everyone else in the game got nerfed more or less especially vega.

I don’t know why everyone says it was considered the most balanced version of SF next to ST back when it was new maybe they changed it or whatever when they put it on the xbl arcade all i know is that while this game is playable the mere fact that ehonda, blanka n to some extent ryu/ken are as overpowered as champion bison n AE make this game anything but balanced.

I’m sorry, Charlie Murphy…I was having too much fun. At that point I was too engrossed in doing snes vs genesis. And i’d rather sneak those mascot outfit-wearing butt-pirates into a mass grave.

Ps2 version is zoomed in, making the characters bigger and kinda jaggy-looking. And the colors are slightly faded.

I’ll update the list tommorow, any input on 3D games like Soul Calibur, VF, Tekken?

I heard VF3:TB on DC was not arcade perfect but I have no clue why.

Perhaps include xbox versions of the games as well? I have only ever played xbox or ps2 versions but this thread is making me want to get a DC… anyone comment on the xbox versions of like mvc2, cvs2, and 3rd strike?