The Fighting Game Development Project - It is possible

Codename SHOBU

The project still needs help. We are looking for more artists, especially a good illustrator!
I hope people with interesting and unique ideas about new characters and storlines will contribute.

The game engine is here, it works.
We have a few animators and sprite artists.

You can refer to the old thread below.


I have set up a seperate forum for the game development discussion

The game engine is in the final stages of design and development. Except for any new features and bug fixes, it should be completed by the end of next month.

We have 1 character with several completed sprites, you can find sketches and the sprites in the old thread. Can someone name him and give him a background story? He’s a creepy guy holding a briefcase.

Do you guys still need music, or are you not even worried about that at this point?

Any contribution is welcome. I would love to hear a sample off your work, assuming you create music.

First of all, I’d like to give the people working on this a round of applause, because it is very admirable. Second, I’d like to offer my help. I’m an artist who draws a bunch of random stuff, but I consider myself to be pretty good. I’ve never drawn sprites, but I’ve always wanted to (keep that 2D alive haha).

I’m also able to do voices for your game if you’d like. I can do Japanese/English/Engrish (Terry type stuff) and maybe some Spanish too. And I’m monotonous or whatever, I take it seriously and speak with emotion…etc.

However, my schedule is really busy at this time and school is killing me. I’ll try to put together a portfolio or something, but I don’t know if I have the time. If you ask me something specifc to draw/record then I’ll try my hardest to get it done.

At the very least, is there a paypal account or something that you guys have? If I can’t do active work in helping, then I’d like to donate some resources to help along. Not as a patron type thing, but just as an incentive and to show my appreciation.

This is sort of a bad time for anyone who is working on the project that is at the same time in school since (at least in my area) it’s currently exam/finals time for any major college/university.

I myself am not in school this year however, I’m busy as hell at the moment.

If anyone has any time at all, there are some animations in the old thread by Grave for the briefcase dude. The completed ones are idle, crouch and punch. A kind passer-by finished the crouch frames. And it was much appreciated. I’m working on the jump frames at the moment, but, it’s slow going as hell and there are a lot of frames. If anyone wants to take a stab at the kick or walk frames, by all means. You can use the palette already in use on the current sprites. Just remember to resize the animations to proper size, decrease the color count to 2, clean up, then increase the color count and start filling in with colors. It’s simple, but time consuming.

I have some spare time and could probably help you guys out with some character designs. Check out my profile, I added the web-site I’m part of with other artist. My brother does a lot of designs as well.

I also have a scanner so I could scan in any design concepts or ideas, I can even draw out ideas people might have in text for characters. Just PM me or e-mail me if you guys need any help. Take care.

I actually drew an incomplete sketch of my intepretation of the briefcase guy. Don’t expect much out of a programmer.

would these sprites be large enough? He will be making a full sheet, and I might be able to talk him into helping with the project. :slight_smile:

Maybe I expected too little to be able to come out of a programmer. Seriously, thats awesome.

Listen, I’d love to contribute as far as storyline and character background is concerned, please PM me and let me know where I could help.

Ah, good to see this thread returning again. Like Sonic_reaper said, exams time!

I’d love to help but the coming up month it’s mostly school for me :slight_smile:

But I’ll see if I can make some time free to convert some more animations into sprite animations, but it’d be nice if someone would bother spriting a well animated face in. Since, as you’ve seen from my crouch animation, I’m not too good with the head, so I kept on copy pastnig it.

It’s too bad I’m such a crappy artist, I have some nice concepts in my head, but well I can’t get them out on paper so I’ll just let you guys do the drawing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to help out. I’m a decent writer and I can probably whip up some backstories and what not. I’ll work on some stuff over the next couple days and submit what I come up with here.

Boring character sketch made by me
sorry about crappiness of that sketch, i can’t really draw but that still should be better than nothing (i hope)

Name: Crazy B (WIP)
Real name: Unknown
Character style: Comedy
Fighting Style: Wresling
Signature move: Super Crazy BodySlam (WIP)

Backstory: Mysterious wrestling geezer that nobody knows nothing about. He wears his goggles always to hide his identity. Rumors say that his goggles are really hi-tech with some kind of x-ray-vision that would allow him to see his opponent’s weak spots. His motives to participate to the tournament are unknown but most people speculate that he wants to show how powerful fighting style wrestling really is.

Character notes: Basically an parody of wrestling characters. He’s supposed to be shorter and more fat than that sketch indicates. The costume isn’t final either. It’s more like an placeholder until I can come up with more original costume. Character’s movelist should have mostly rather basic wrestling stuff with many bodyslams that use character’s heavy body. Movelist also should have many throws with comical animations and some funny taunts could be given to him. His moves could be rather strong and not too slow. But in downside some of his moves could have some insanely long recovery times (his old, his back can hardly support those throws he uses).

So is this character waste of time or could this be desing worth to develop? I’ll try to draw better sketch later and try to work on that backstory. I can come up with more character desings but before that I want to make this first one deep enough to be likeable.

Ok instead of coding I’ve made another sketch. I haven’t come up with much background information yet, just a few thoughts on his attacks.

watanabe shinitshi? Oo

nabeshin? Yes, he was inspiration for the afro.

no wonder it looked so rip off.

you can make a character that is a parody on fighting game characters in general. every time he performs a move he screams it’s name “punch!” “kick” “throwing a piece of pie!!”

“you must defeat throwing a piece of pie to stand a chance”

I’ve always been interested in this but never kept up with the thread. My main ideas where for an engine, but you seem to have one already so those efforts are probably now pointless. But I’ve had an interest in story writing and things like that in general for a while now, I’m sure I can write up a few character profiles and background storys.

I just want to be involved one way or another. I have nothing else better to do, it’s pretty creative aswell, it would be fun.

Edit: I’ll throw up a profile of the top of my head just to test my self, might aswell.

Edit2: Although…There is no story to tie into… :wonder:


What kind of idea did you have for the engine? Was it something more to do with gameplay, because it’s not set in stone.

if you havent already added something like this into it i think you should include a roman cancel element, but instead of having it use the special meter, set up like a stock for it like 2 or 3 max