The fighting games no one knows about thread


Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer



Immaterial and Missing Power



huh? that just looks like another retarded mugen video. I think this is what you were looking for


Galaxy Fight



these are real fighting games go here so quit talking with your head up your ass

Chaos Breaker


fight fever


Asura Blade



Akatsuki Blitzkampf



Kizuna Encounter



Martial Masters



The Rumble Fish



lol@Mugen video


I forget who has it but at least now I know where they got that drunken old man sprite

Really? I thought people knew about this one, I’ve played the first one and it was cool.



we had an Akatsuki thread in FGD t’was pretty popular too, other than that good stuff.


He’s correct you know.


thats not unknown.


Yeah the first vid you posted has a Gowcaizer character, but her opponent (hikaru) is from Power Instinct Matrimelee, so it is a mugen video, not a video of the Gowcaizer fighter.

So no one is saying the game isn’t real, but the video you posted isn’t the game of which you speak it just merely sports a character RIPPED FROM the game you’re talking about.

Heck the description even states that the character is an edit, and one of the tags for the video is MUGEN (all caps, can’t miss it).


Well he should have said that in the 1st place.


Ummm…yes it is.

Also, PFH and the rest of you should keep the flames out of the thread. Final warning.

#20 has all the info you need on unknown fighters.