The Fighting Style Chart


Does anyone know how the chart works? You know, the one with basic/advanced offense/defense, and stability. (A quick forum search didn’t seem to show any result)

I had maxed stability for a long while, then now I’ve dropped to 3/5, but I’m not sure what caused the change, I win games with just about the same number of people left alive fairly consistently,I’ve had longer win streaks than before…simply said, I would say I’ve rather improved in stability than got worse.

Now the difference is that most of my games lately were player/lobby matches, and I highly doubt the stats are taken solely from ranked (since my basic defense has improved lately), or else the masterlords with ~65% win would definitely not have max stability.

The main thing I don’t understand is, I guess, that these higher ranked (mostly masterlord+) have almost all maxed stability, basic and advanced offense, and maybe 2 to 3/5 in defenses. Yet when I play some of them, they don’t do any more impressive than I am, or with any consistency. Some of them I’ve played only knows really simple BnBs, and maybe do stuff like wesker gun teleport spam - in short, very basic stuff (but you would think someone with maxed advanced offense would not have as high in basic, since your opponent only has so much hp, you can’t really do 100% of basic attacks and another 100% of advanced stuff…?)

It probably doesn’t have too much to do with number of games played either (though the chart’s rate of change might be affected, of course), since most 9th lords or w/e somehow have maxed stability.

I guess I just want to know if these masterlords are doing something to pad their stats (training mode? how would that affect stability?) Even if ranks are poor indicators of skills, at least I would like a fairly accurate representation of a player’s style by looking at the chart.

p.s. - maybe I can get max defense if I just lose by time outs doing nothing but block and die to chip? or maybe vs zero/ammy?


As near as I can tell stability comes from if you’re keeping the opponent controlled, basically not allowing them to start an offense. (I’m guessing this is measured in opponent activity, if they’re hitting combos that reach above a certain point stability is tracked.) I have resets for days and often kill characters from resetting them constantly, which on the results screen means I consistantly have maxed out stability, while the opponent’s tends to be low.

Basic/Advanced offense seems to be based on if your assists are used midcombo. For instance I use Taskmaster H arrows for combo extension. (:l::m::h::qcf:::l::a1:: dash :df::h: arrows hit dash :qcf::m:…) and generally have maxed/high basic/advanced offense. Defense I tend to rate low, but I imagine thats from rarely being on the defensive, as Tron shuts down most offense.

What constitutes advanced defense I’m not really sure, part of me thinks use of crossover counters or invincible supers counts for advanced defense, but I haven’t ever really checked.


According to the game I am a very stable player with excellent basic offense and superior advance offense.

Damn, that’s a good self-esteem boost. Time to lose offline.

Note: Somehow, if you win consistently, your stability will be higher as a result (thus acheving the Lord title). I think it’s a matter if you consistently keep good life or win, but I don’t know.


Maybe stability has to do with how many characters you have standing at the end of a WIN (somehow I don’t think losses count)…I tend to hard tag less nowadays as I would just let the point run its course, so I end up winning most games with the 2nd character, which would reflect my 3/5 stability rating over a long run…

I see some top ranked people do a wide variety of combos that involve TAC, assists, DHC, and all that, obviously reflected by the maxed basic&advanced offense, but seeing another group of top ranked people doing nothing but say call assist bslash, phoenix c ball spam, AND end up winning only with DPH alive every game, yet still having maxed offense and stability, kind of boggles the mind.

Just want to see how the game calculates those stats and if it’s a good representation of my style (ok, for mine, it’s relatively accurate)


I don’t know about the rest of the chart, but stability basically means that you’re not losing. If you’re getting winstreaks, then your stability will be high. This is why the good players who have gotten to 9th or above tend to be Lords.(though not vice-versa)