The Figures Are Here!

OMG the sota street fighter line came in manila first and should be here in the uk in stores TOMORROW

i cant believe we got them be4 the US


you are mine sagat!!!

checkout the “action-figure” website

Damn I thought this was in the states DAMN!

“You’ll also note that there’s no stores further south than Birmingham (except Cardiff, but that’s in Wales), which means that if you’re in that part of the country you either have a long drive with the risk of not finding anything, or you need to order them online.”

well you americans i guess ur in luck cuz london dont have em!!!only birmingham and above

and for those that do not know the geography of England birmingham is a 2and half hour drive north

how the crap do you know that, Legend?? bollox, i live in london, but i ordered them from forbidden planet international but they haven’t taken the money out of my account yet, even though their newsletter says they have them in stock

have to wait possibly ANOTHER week for them, grrr

yeah same here,its a conspiracy i tell you

i swear theres like 2 forbidden planet stores above birmingham

so wots the point in that ,also why the bloody hell have the welsh people got it first.


Finally, that Chunny figure I ordered back in June should be arriving any day now.

Legend, I know of two forbidden planet stores in Glasgow, but that means you’l have to make a trip further north and into Scotland. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

The Forbidden Planet store in Glasgow are now selling them for 12.99 each. :slight_smile: (I got Bison)

I ordered a Chunny figure way back in June from Forbidden Planet online, the closest FB is in Essex, or possibly London, im not too sure. It should be arriving any day now. :smiley:

They should be out nationwide in england in the uk. we got our yesterday.

I wanna know why the fuck it took so long to make soem Street Fighter toys because those primitve G.I. Joe pieces of shit just dont cut it.

hey g-product, about a few years ago a company called Resaurus made some very detailed street fighter figures. They are not as articulated as the Sota figures but they are much larger in scale. Unfortunately resaurus went out of business. :sad:
But I agree with you, those GI joe figures are horrible. Ryu with a gun? what happen to his hadoken?

oh, no


how cool is that!!!