The Final Challenge!

JustOwnin - SRK’s new comedic relief. I thank you for your existance!

Wait, for a second there I thought he was bragging about being a good DOA player. :lol:

What is this fantasy you speak of?

JustOwnin your truth is just too hard.

Guy brags about being the best at playing a Fighting game on-line and how no one can stop him

EVO rolls around with the Bring your own console/ game area

Guy who says he is the best at DAO:U is a no show.

So once again I will say unless you are brining it at EVO or any other tourney you are still a scrub to us. Because on-line don’t mean shit!

His “unbeatable” style lasted about 2 hours when he started DOA online last year.

Just play Manny (DOAMASTER) and get destroyed please.

Well, err, I raped JW all over at MvC2 in my sleep last night. But when I woke up I realised what a load of bull shit it was. I sugest you do the same.

How about you actually go and pick up a game that has an engine which advances “Rock/Paper/Scissors” and then try and make a name for yourself.

Cause when it comes to DOA no one here really gives a fuck.

WTF, I thought he was bragging that he was the best DOA player too.

Damn… I don’t want to read his long ass posts ;(

For some reason you reminded me of Alex the Kid there. That was a hard and long game.

I wonder if he knows what an AHVB or a mags rushdown is.

JustOwnin has got to be the most idiotic character I’ve ever encountered on any fighting game forum.

And it’s for one of the worst games out there too!

I played him when I got DOAU a long time ago(before Tekken 5 came out)… and I beat him a few matches, wtf, I don’t know how to play DOA… lol.

AVHB??? Whats that?? :clap:

not only is thier proof in the form of video taht I did indeed own itagaki with grade skill and ease at Thier is those 6 other men (besides itagaki and myself) that witnessed this awesome feet of ownage.

I do not lie on such matters. For such things make you hollow. And a hollow body leads to a hollow soul. And a hollow soul leads to a hollow life. What good is claiming something taht isn’t true if you can’t actually do it?

My exploits are all real. If you don’t believe it, come get owned yourself.

Markman, you were owned with great skill and ease. It is nature for ones memory to try to shield oneself from the sheer amount of ownage by forging such forgetful thoughts. But rest assured. I remember most vividly owning you eddypistons, and all so called high level tekken players.

You know, if I were to move this thread into a random board on the dropdown, would anyone give a shit?

We’ll find out in 6 hours.

Screw 6 hours, just move it… its getting worse by the minute.

This is the most entertaining thread on the fighting discussion. And it has random bits of info. Leave it.

As the black coach says in Wildcats RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

So once again has no representives to come and face the the tallest tree in the forest of doa? Once again has only words of discouragement and foolishness to hide thier lack of skill? Once again has none to protect themselves from the onslaught of ownage brought to you in part but I, the most powerful of all sponsors with commercials of Ownage Juice. Having models drink and guzzle down the cool cool taste of ownage and overreact on how good it only to find out that simply by drinking the drink they havej ust been owned?!

Very well. Once again has failed even worse than before to deliver a player that could even make me put forth evne the smallest smigget of effort.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Yes sadly no challengers. I still hope this isn’t your final challenge to us. Those who do appreciate you do enjoy your posts.