The Final Four! (There will be salt)


Round 3 of the Great Character Wars is complete, resulting in the following 4 survivors, in alphabetical order.


Boy, Dime is going to be salty as all hell, lol

Minette might be able to actually win this thing! This is pretty freaking awesome. Don’t know if I’ll vote for Annie or Minette, but certainly one of them.

Who’s salty? Who expected it? Who’s hyped?


I’m down with any of them except Aeon unless MIke can somehow make her time mechanics balanced and fun.


Im not salty at all. This was expected after the travesty that was the top 8. One of my characters is still in though and it looks like its between her and minette… If i had to wager a guess Eliza will win this one and minette will win the next one.

So thats one shitty character out of 2… Not so bad i guess, but could have been so much better… It will be fun spanking minette players, though they are likely to like it which takes all the fun away.


I’ve always thought that Annie was the leader in votes and was a shoo-in but now I’m not so sure.


Yeah this really isn’t what I expected, though I was pretty sure Annie would be in there. Since she’s a popular character and the only rushdown character in the top 4, she’s probably going to get a lot of votes.

Minette and Aeon clearly have a lot of support from storyline/anime fans.

The question is, who will all the Beowulf/Panzerfaust supporters vote for? They don’t have a power character anymore, so I’m guessing they go for Eliza.



Minette is cool too I guess.


I assume the guy votes would most likely go to either Eliza or Annie.


I won’t lie, I’m pretty salty. I wanted Panzerfaust like you wouldn’t believe. I’ll get over it though since there are two characters in the running I still like. I don’t know if I’m even going to bother voting this round but if I do it’s either going to be for Annie or Eliza depending on whoever I think has the better chance of beating Minette.

Minette getting this far isn’t entirely surprising but I’m baffled by Aeon making it this far. I don’t recall seeing her discussed on these forums as much as others. What’s getting her so much support?


Continuing to pull for Minette. Crazy dark horse Aeon is crazy. Cool results overall though!


#11 Wow, Beowulf missed out by nine votes? I wonder how close the top 4 was then

I can see myself picking up Annie, so I got stick with her
I’d at least try out Minette, but I don’t see myself playing Eliza or Aeon


Aeon came out of no where and I smell vote rigging shenanigans (trollol)

I think a lot of people were supporting Annie AND Minette, so it’s very possible that there could be a split vote which could give Eliza a huge advantage. Pretty sure I’m going to vote for Minette though. Maybe Mike will showcase some more stuff about all 4 characters.


Will be? People are butthurt enough to try to demand Paypal chargebacks.


Seriously, where on Earth did Aeon get all those votes ? I had no idea she was THAT popular…


I don’t care which of the other three wins, as long as Aeon loses… She was always meant to be up in Final Boss territory. Mike Z himself has said that he can’t think of a way to implement her without giving her a load of vanilla-Dark Phoenix-level unbeatable OP bullshit. Aeon can’t just be good, she has to be broken good – she has to be Why The Fuck Would You Ever Use Anyone Else good – or her character and her position in the story don’t make any sense.

Aeon won’t even have punches or kicks, she’ll just have six FUCK YOU, I WIN buttons. We don’t need that in the game.


You know what? In the end I’d be happy no matter who won, simply because the game I love so dearly would be getting expanded. It doesn’t matter if it’s a character I won’t ever use – someone WILL, and that person may be someone new who got interested in the game because that new character appealed to them, which in the end helps the community grow. That thought in itself just makes me so freaking happy.

I will respect what people vote for, so long as they vote for their own reasons and not to be a dick about it. This basically means that people need to vote for who they want based on who they want and not to keep who someone else wants out. That, simply put, is a douche-y thing to do. If you do it, you are a douche, and I will remind you of this fact frequently and at any opportunity. Also keep in mind that I’m probably going to be doing a lot of Skullgirls commentary in the future, so odds of me calling you a douche on stream is HIGH. :3


you sir are right and hilarious


Plus her FUCK YOU, I WIN specials, her FUCK YOU, I WIN supers and her FUCK YOU, I WIN Snapbacks.
But might end up voting for Eliza anyway. Goshdarnit, 2 out of my 4 got through. GOGO #Teamvagina.


No Stanley. Are you guys happy now?

You’re getting Minette.


The busted Aeon thing can be easily fixed by having the boss an playable version be different. Thinking that Aeon can’t exist without being busted is some lazy ass shit.