The Final Monday Night Fight

We’ve had some great times at MNF and Pho Thai. And I think it’s safe to say that none of us will be going to Tacoma after the console release. So I wanted to kick off the death of MNF real big. I urge anyone and everyone to come down, as it is the last one. For those that stay really late, the gang all goes down to Pho Thai at 2am, and I say we give one last big hurrah.

Who’s with me? And sorry to Zach for making another thread to clutter things up.

Why u so negative, yo?

Has there been no word of an update for the arcade release?

Why am I being negative? I’m kinda confused at this statement. Monday Night Fights has grown into a staple that I’ve looked forward to for the past 5 months or so. It’s silly to say that some times, it has grown to be the highlight of the week. I’m not being “negative” to the death of MNF, it’s just apparent that there is no longer a need to go to Tacoma and play SF4. So really, I’m not being negative, I’m just saying that I know people won’t show up anymore because there’s no reason.

And no Pablo, it’s pretty much stated that they won’t have an update. I can’t say thats a “for sure” statement, however from the looks of it, Ono said that “I’ll update if there’s a demand for it.” There’s an obvious DEMAND for it already, yet for him to say that when there already IS a demand…it speaks to me that he doesn’t really care.

Negativity Nancy.

While this will be the last mnf down at narrows (mainly due to the fact that the ver. @ narrows will be obselete tournament wise) thinking that this will be the death of mnf’s is questionable. Was it the death of team seattle when lanwerx closed? Not by a long shot. We just had to change things up.

Mnf’s will still carry on wether at someone’s house or via xbl/psn. Hopefully @ someones house…but I should be in attendance for this, probably just filming as much as I can for the documentary.

Gotta bid Tacoma one final farewell SEIYAHHHHHH.

what about one final:


I think Abel has the best death scream in a fighting game…well next to Gen’s new one and Millia Rage’s grenade death hahaha

I try to put a positive spin on it, Abel’s saying “cowabunga!!” See, I’m not really losing, it’s really just pizza time*! Yeah, that’s why I gotta step off the cab here, just feeling hungry…

*OK, so Abel’s technically a frog, not a turtle, but they’re both green. Work with me here.

heading out now, see you guys there.

tonight was bomb. friday is gonna be the shit!

Let me just say a big thank you to mvco and the people at Narrows. Thank you so much fo rgoing out of your way Bill to get this game in the arcades. You’ve brought back something that most of us haven’t gotten to experience in years, which is just puttin your coin up amongst friends and throwin do to see who’ll be left standing. It’s a shame that the console version will over shadow the arcade version, because I will miss Narrow’s MNF’s =[ The people at pho started knowing what some of us wanted before ordering, that right there just made me realize just how tradition-like MNF’s was.

Also wish I had juice in my camera last night to record. Epic fail on my end =[.

MNF was so bomb we left that shit battered. All apologies to mvco, that stick on the SF4 machine did not survive the majesty of the occasion.

4:00 PM countdown starts NOW.

And let me ask again for anyone that I might not have talked to about this: is anyone willing to sell me an arcade stick for 360? I’m not picky, I’ll buy Horis or whatever there is as long as it works. There is nothing worse than having to play SF4 with a 360 pad. Have some pity.

You can get a new hori ex 2 off ebay for $50-60.

I just want to say thank you all guys for coming out…we did send Narrows MNF out in style. Like Gojira said, sorry to Bill as the stick didn’t hold up to the event as it got all messed up when trying to show Nolan that you can tech while crouching…

Thanks a lot to Chris (Narrows Staff) for being so cool with us too man…I’m definitely gonna miss the arcade experience. Pho Thai afterwards was a blast.

I’m just so bummed that it’s all over now.

It’s not over…It’s only just begun.

… to live

White lace and hadoukens

A kick for luck and were on our way

Weve only just begun

Before the rising sun we fly

So many roads to choose

We start our walking

And learn to dash

And yes! weve only just begun

(*) sharin horizons that are new to us

Watchin the signs along the way

Talkin it over just the two of us

Fighting together day to day, together

(**) and when the evening comes we smile

So much of life ahead

Well find a place where theres room to play

And yes! weve only just begun

Repeat (*)

Repeat (**)

edit: [media=youtube]__VQX2Xn7tI[/media]

That song reminds me of this movie we watched about Karen Carpenter in Health class. She took too much of that shit that makes you puke. Sad story.