The Final Slogans House Braeburn Tourney Results 4/14/07

I only have top 3 for cvs2 and 3s, I’m not even sure if Marvel was ran, even though there were a lot of marvel players there.


1st - epsilon_ - Dudley
2nd - Eric “ramza” Kim - Makoto/Necro
3rd - DevilJin01 - Ibuki
4th - Charged - Yun


1st - Havoc - A Iori/Hibiki/Eagle or Blanka
2nd - epsilon_ - N Iori/Ken/Sagat, assorted K groove teams.
3rd - Renegade - not sure, C groove team including Bison and Blanka.
4th - Charged (Forfeit) A Sak/Bison/Blanka

Decent turn out, although brackets got screwed up because of so many forfeits, I fixed them in the end. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Some vids were recorded and should be up relatively soon.

CvS2 ws freeeeeeeeeeee!! :lovin:

This nigga eps wins two 3S tournaments in one weekend.

You should go to SOVA today. That’d be free. Go for the trifecta. Has that ever been done??? :amazed:

UltraDavid, you were beating me bad in ST or AE?, I do not know the difference. Shit was mad fun though. I’ve diff. need to play that game some more and just stick to the shit that I know.

marvel wasnt ran because we had “money matches” all night :smiley:

good shit to everyone who came!! sadly braeburn is no more :{

How come this is a "tourney"when nobody was playing serious:confused:

i was playing serious. why do people wanna try to make excuses like it was casuals or something? we were all tired but towards the end I know i played seriously.

You can ask charged.In my match vs him i didn’t block for shit. I just try to parry everything.More so when he was in genei-jin.He even told me to block and i said Fuck that!

thats because youre a scrub lol.

playing like shit doesnt make anyone better ever. always play to win, even in casuals.

epsilon i didnt know you were from here. how the fuck did eric k’s makoto get stopped? :\

im not from here, i moved from atlanta about 6 months ago.

i hit him with punches.

u came all the way up to va to play? nah u cheated u used elbows too :slight_smile:

cuz nothings on the line in free tournaments:wonder: that’s fine with me jay, but i wasn’t playing seriously, and really i had no reason to. mm at c3, i will play serious. i can guarantee that

ok what the FUCK is going on here???

who the FUCK cares???

grow up kids. this “gathering” was about saying goodbye to braeburns and seeing isaac Fucking graham. everything else after this post WILL be ignored.

Pat Van Pelt is a handsome man


God won everything.

Can’t ignore that.





some really good stuff, well played. More coming later, im at work so i cant tell u if the other uploads are done… i have to wait …

epsilon gets excited when he wins! it’s like pure orgasmic magic! DUR!

i’ll bring the rape next time. try to win :slight_smile: $20 says you cant =O

everything in between this post and my last post will be unignored. BUT everything after this post WILL be ignored.

Earth and Water

Obviously, Braeburn wasn’t anything serious… I fell asleep before winners’ finals.

Still, I like where this is going. Bet it.

its gonna be really funny if it turns out there’s videos of this but not of c3, aka the actual tourney?:confused:

havoc, i’m down for a bchan mm if he is