The final smash thread. Don't fight fair, fight to win

The game is out. we’ve played it. So it’s time to put a fork in this debate once and for all.

“are Final Smashes unfair and broken?” is the question. Ya man tigerboi has the answer.


They are not. FS attacks often are very easy to avoid if you know how they work. Most of them aren’t even instant KOs.

Is not unfair for a smash ball to spawn closer to someone?


The smash ball has a mind of it’s own.The only way to get it is to basically keep hitting it. Multi0hitting attacks like sonics fair don’t mean a damn thing. It also moves dynamically and an in almost unpredictable pattern.

I’ve seen a smash ball appear next to someone, they hit it a few times, it quickly veers to the other side of the stage, the next guy attempts to hit it but it sharply moves downward to a position where no one can get it. you are NEVER guaranteed a smash ball. Ever.

Even if you DO get it, you might get caught in a combo before you can get into a position to use it and end up losing it.

also, smashballs are NOT WIN BUTTONS, and only remove one stock usually. ONE STOCK. By comparison, that’s only half of one characters life in MvC2. also, something must be wrong with you if you let a FS take off more than one stock. The halo is the bane of just about every FS. So what if someone gets a FS while you’re respawning? well, all the instant ko FS moves are easy to avoid. so most of them won’t even kill you at a low precentage.

So how do they work?

Well, to do this we have to detail each characters. Lets go ahead.

Instant ko?: no.
How to avoid: Easy. Either go over or under it. it also isn’t a screen filling beam like PTs or Samus’s. Not hard to figure out.

Instant Ko: no.
Ho to avoid: Luigi’s FS isn’t an attack. Infact, you you get out of the negative zone it does nothing at all. If you get in the negative zone, you get lighter and to slowe start to build damage due to a lip’s flower appearing on your head. Basically, get the hell out of it. Not even close to being a broken move.

Instant KO: no.
How to avoid: Not an attack. Everyone on screen goes to sleep and healing items appear that anyone can eat. Not very good. Get’s owned by invincibility frames.

Instant KO: Yes. At any percentage.
How to avoid: whoever said this one was unavoidable just fucking sucks. I rolled around it. ON REACTION. It also has a very narrow it box and marth can kill himself if he misses.

Instant KO: no.
How to avoid: If falcon gets a smash ball he, basically controls the space infront of him for about five steps. it hits about as high as a short hop and can be done in the air. It can be rolled and sidestepped. If you get stuck in that area.

Instant KO: No.
how to avoid: It’s kind of tricky to aim, so stay mobile and DI if you get hit. Mixup your movements. If done right, you’ll receive big damage at worst.

Instant KO: Yes?
How to avoid: either stay behind her or use your jumps wisely. Flyers and floaters avoid this pretty easily.

Instant ko: no.
How to avoid: just uh, don’t get near her. It has a vacuum effect, so be aware of that.

Instant ko: Nooooo!
How to avoid: Roll, jump, air doge,grab ledges…seriously not that hard. I usually only get wacked a few times.

Zelda/ shiek:
Instant ko: yes.
How to avoid: It’s slow as fuck. Can be rolled on reaction. Also, has a very narrow hit box so just don’t get infront of her.

PT: use the same strategy as Samus. It does not ko instantly.

Instant ko: No.
How to avoid: Either get as far away from him as you can or use invincibility frames.

Instant ko: no.
How to avoid: The soldiers come in a set pattern. They’re easy to see coming. The only reason why this FS is even in threat is because pit can move while they are out. Keepaway from pit and dodge them.

Instant ko: no.
how to avoid: Just uh, run away. simple.

Instant ko : nope.
how to avoid: The hit boxes for his moves are actually pretty linear. giga bowers side b is actually a waste. so far his foward smash and up smash are the most dangerous. Also, don’t bother trying to attack him.

Space animals:
Instant ko: no.
how to avoid: try to stay behind it. and avoid the roll. also, don’t grab an edge when behind it because all they have to do is back up into you. edgegrabbing= death traps. don’t be afraid to jump on it and bal out when it hovers. Also, don’t be near the animal when they activate it as they hit on the way up.

Instant ko: surprisingly, no.
How to avoid: it can be rolled, and dodged. Press the offense on Ike from behing and you’ll be fine.

Instant KO: No.
How to avoid: this move sucks. Just stay in the air, and dodge then jump again.

Instant: No.
How to avoid: it’s like sonic’s only slower and with a bigger hit box. DI like crazy if you gt hit.

Instant: no.
How to avoid: Jump out a far as you can without touching her, and wait for her to shrink.

Instant: No.
how to avoid: It sucks imo. Just jump over him. Or, just move the to fasr side away from it and stand there.

Instant: no.
How to avoid: run out of the radius. Stay there. Nuff said.

Instant: no.
How to avoid: get behind him where the tentacles can’t get you. he moves really slow so jumping over him helps alot.

Instant: no.
How to avoid: He takes a while to turn so run away and stay out of the ine of fire of the peanuts. not hard.

Link/toon link:
Instant: no.
How to avoid: get far away, roll dodgeable, stay away from infront of him. tada.

Instant ko: no.
How to avoid: watch the pattern and roll out of the way of each comet.

Ness: like lucas but easier because they’re more spread out.

Instant: no
How to avoid: Yoshi has to fireball to ko (?). run away and stay aay from his front side.

Instant: no, but damage is guaranteed.
How to avoid: Don’t get hit by the rocket going up or down and you’ll ive.

Ganondorf: another beam style FS. reallty big hitbox, so jump over it and try to stay behind him. KOs instantly.

instant: no.
how to avoid: mindgames. He can jump really high with it, so run away.

Am I missing anyone? But yeah, all those, plus you can just pound on the character until they lose it. This shit just isn’t broken enough for SRK.

Sonic’s FS is always an instant KO and landmasters are almost always KO’s.

How is sonic’s an instant KO if it doesn’t ko in one hit?

And i’ve avoided the lm plenty of times.

You and your precious logic…

Smash balls are totally 100% random at all times in every way! Smashboards says so. It must be true.

I agree

we’ll see after more playtime I guess. Its too early to tell.

Tigerboi, would you mind showing me a vid of Sonic’s FS being dodged? It seems way too fast to be dodged, as it catches me on recovery frames of anything I try to do to stay out of its way. I can see your point on all the other FS’s, but I’m hard-pressed with Sonic.

yo Luigi’s FS can make you fall asleep if you’re even in it for a bit which then equals to SHORYUKEN

okay so i guess that you guy’s havent heard that some characters can glicth their FC to remain in FC forever yeah defenatly not idiotic, if you allow FC’s its jsut not brawl anymore, i wont mind playing like taht but then i’d be like why try to space/punish/zone people when i can just get a smashball glicth it and repedetly use until i win. amazing

/\ which characters can stay in FS? How is this done? Explain yourself. MY rep demands it.

thats horseshit. prove it, PROVE. because the minute I see that shit on wi-fi Im quitting

apparently…we haven’t heard of any such thing…so do you mind proving a link…or better yet video proof?

Am I the only one who thinks Snake’s final smash isn’t that great? I feel like people were ranking it high prior to the game coming out in the US but I really don’t see it as that good…please feel free to prove me wrong, I want to see the amazingness of it.

FS’ in general are easy to not only avoid, but prevent from even being activated.

Snake’s FS is okay, but not so great. It’s of paramount importance to me, though, since having it means someone with a better FS doesn’t get it.

And, yes, I want to see some evidence of this alleged FS glitch, as well as how repeatable it is (which means I want to know how it’s done).

meh, I can usually avoid most of them. but if the snake player could do it forever then it would get awfully difficult

What the hell is a “FC”?

And it would be excellent if you could post some kind of SOURCE, or video of such a thing happening.

From my lurking days on SB before this game came out in US
there is one glitch where Jigglypuff stays large the whole time.

In order to do this, you have to be on the bridge of eldgrin? sorry I don’t know what it’s called but it’s the bridge that has it’s middle part broken off.

You call on Jigglypuff’s FS while the bridge is coming back and when the bridge is back in it’s entirety, you should see your Jigglypuff still in large mode, unable to move but still large.

Yea, I know of that. The question is, why would you wanna be large, with Jigglypuff, unable to move, in the middle of a stage?


That’s an auto lose.

iam lost

yeah same here wtf is a FC :confused::confused: