The Final Tournament At The Games Skybox (CvS1/CvS2)

Gerjay broke Marvel…

CAPCOM VS SNK 1 (7 players)
1st - Poke Guy
2nd - Shumayel
3rd- Wilson
4th - Jiggabry
5th - Gerjay
5th - Wayne
7th - Cito

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (6 players)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Poke Guy
3rd - Wayne
4th - Gerjay
5th - Shumayel
5th - Wilson

This is pretty fucking weak for the last tournament of what was once a great arcade.

who is wilson?

6 people…?..

Thanks to Bry for giving me a call to let me know that the Marvel machine broke… much appreciated.

Too bad I was fucking turning into the EMTC parking lot at the time. Stupid piece of shit arcade screwed me one last time before dying.

RIP skybox… so much memories
the arcade where i won my first tournament in… the place where azn strider lost to dennis kim and punched the wall… the arcade wit the shittiest joysticks of all times… well here’s my goodbye


skybox was a great arcade!?!?!?!?!?!??!

jiggabry won the cvs2 tournment, can he now participate in the team canada qualifier?

:rolleyes: Read the qualifier list :rolleyes:

bull shit.

CVS1 tournament didn’t finish, it went something like

Me coming from losers, beat tylor first set, and needed to win one more game to win the tourny.

arcade guy: "no more games"
me: "you want to split the money?"
tylor: "no."
me: “okay, take it”

What the fuck? Tylor owes Shu some money. I have a feeling Shu asked more to be polite than anything, if the tourney doesn’t finish, you split the fucking pot.

In hindsight Shu, I think we really should have just just played that one last game. I doubt he would have pulled the plug on us. If he did, then we could split the pot. I was 100% sure I would win and didn’t feel like giving up, especially when it was just 1 game from finish. Anant, I don’t remember the exact dialogue but yeah, Shu agreed to it. I interpreted it as a forfeit, not an unfinished tourney.

GGs to all.

no, shu was being polite, and prolly didnt care about the prize money that much, cuz he have a job. the prize moeny was prolly like wat? 6 dollars?