The Final Tune Up Before ECCX at ORBIT on 05/14/2005 (CvS2, 3S, CFJ)

This was supposed to be at METRO but the sticks sucked so we moved locations.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (15 Entrants)
1st - Ratio1beatdown (K Sagat/Rugal/Blanka)
2nd - Arcade Legend (K Sagat/Blanka/Rugal, K Bison/Rugal/Blanka)
3rd - Gerjay (A Vega/Sakura/Blanka)
4th - Tigerlee (A Nakoruru/Rolento/Blanka)
5th - Yoh! (C Ken/Blanka/Sagat) (A Vega/Sakura/Bison)
5th - RPGv2 (K Rolento/Maki/Rock)
7th - Kymah (A Sakura/Todo/Mai)
7th - Noodleman (A Hibiki/Bison/Blanka)
9th - Nagata Lock II (C Guile/Kim/Vega)
9th - Shumayel (A ???/Bison/Eagle)
9th - Psychochronic (S-Sakura/Rock/Cammy) (S-Sakura/Morrigan/Rock)
9th - Jiggabry (K Sagat/Blanka/Cammy)
13th - RXS (P Kyo/???/Cammy)
13th - Random Hero (K Sagat/???/Vega)
13th - Chr0nic (K ???/Morrigan/Cammy)

CAPCOM FIGHTING JAM (16 Entrants) (Team Canada Qualifier)
1st - Ratio1beatdown (Guile/Demitri) (Guile/Anakaris)
2nd - Tigerlee (Demitri/Guile) (Ryu/Rose) (Zangief/Guy)
3rd - RPGv2 (Rose/Yun) (Yun/Ryu) (Jedah/Chun Li)
4th - Arcade Legend (Alex/Ryu) (Alex/Guile) (Guile/Ryu)
5th - RXS (Guile/Rose) (Ryu/Guile)
5th - WB! (Rose/Ryu)
7th - Shumayel (Ryu/Sakura) (Anakaris/Guile)
7th - Nagata Lock II (Guile/Kenji) (Ingrid/Kenji)
9th - Chachaman (Karin/Guile)
9th - PyschoChronic (Karin/Rose) (Karin/Jedah)
9th - Noodleman (Hauzer/Guile)
9th - DeadlyRaveNeo (Alex/Urien) (Alex/Ryu)
13th - Gerjay (Sakura/Guile) (Bison/Sakura) (Guile/Ryun) (Zangief/Guile)
13th - Original Gatsby (Ryu/Rose)
13th - Jiggabry (Ryu/Guile)
13th - Darko (Urien/Guile) (Urien/Ryu) (Urien/Chun Li)

STREET FIGHTER III: 3RD STRIKE (Single Elimination - 25 Entrants)
1st - YellowS4
2nd - AdamB
3rd - Kymah
4th - Ocean
5th - Hugo Anthony
5th - Arcade Legend
5th - Tigerlee
5th - DeadlyRaveNeo
9th - Yoh!
9th - Paul
9th - RXS
9th - Louie
9th - RPGv2
9th - Cruxay
9th - JS Master
9th - DarkDragon
17th - Nagata Lock II
17th - Chr0nic
17th - Gerjay
17th - Original Gatsby
17th - ChaChaMan
17th - Francis
17th - Random Hero
17th - Ratio1beatdown
17th - Jiggabry

GG’s to everyone today. It was a lot of fun and good to see a few faces that haven’t been around lately. :tup:

GG’s to whomever i played (CvS2/CFJ/SC2/#R) :tup: i love my S-Groove


Roger’s using K groove now? Or what is just for fun?

This is the 1st time i came top 5 in 3 games

He only used that team in the final match against Arcade Legend. But he used k groove thru most of his matches, then his A-groove when he lost.

Thumbs up gordon, who i lost to first, and to Arcade Legend who knocked me out my again :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Moments - KBBQ! ToO JoKeS. Jiggybry is too funny.
And NGII a fuken monster. He ate that play down to bankcupcy.

and lost our coke pitcher. And for some reason NGII table gets all the service. Curt they they may not sale u games but they give u damn good service.

Yoh! (C Sagat/???/Cammy)
where did that team come from?! I think i used (C Ken/blanka/Sagat) for one match. It should be (A Vega/sakura/bison)

Oh my god what happened to you?

We thought you died. How did you get home?

LONG ASS STORY! In the end it took some cab money :frowning: Got home around 3 something… i hate orbit!

omg tom is alive!!! sorry tom, that shit was fukked up we were worried about you lol. i hope nothing expensive was in ur bag!

but at least ur safe. =/

good tourny… I shoulda beat Ron ><" get those cvs2 vids up… i ddnt even watch more than 1 match. Kbbq was too good, oh man my stomach hurts now =/

and i am the best 3s director there ever was! well, kinda =/

Good thing I didnt bother going.

I edited the top post for Brett and Tom’s CvS2 teams.

What happened with Tom yesterday? Did you guys drop him on a crackwhore corner or something?

I’ll be ripping top 5 for CvS2 later today and will post it on Geese site (assuming he wants it) later.

Funny story about those forks. We asked about 4 times for forks, and each time we did they said yes and brought nothing. So finally Bryan goes up to the guy and asks “We asked about four times for forks, you guys said yes, and never brought them. You do have forks, don’t you?” “No shakes head in shame”.

I dunno what he thought Bryan said, but apparently they did have forks and he brought them after… along with some knives. Unfortunately when we got the utensils we were already done eating.

Tourney was lotsa fun and I’m the king of blowing matches and getting nearly OCV’d after loosing a few matches. KBBQ was good after we realized what needed to be cooked and what didn’t…

wtf? why’s ian second in cvs2? i thought gerjay was better than him?

No, he’s just better than YOU.

He beat me the second time around… what’s your point JS? At least I won when your money was on the line :slight_smile:

You owe me 50 cents…

GG’s to everyone…man I swear I could taste that $25…oh well, next time.

actually it was more like $22.50 =/ and i dont know where the 50 cents came from lol

also never use dejin ryu against jay again >< that hurt just watching lol.

What was Kin’s mystery prize for winning CFJ qualifiers? :confused:

This tournament was fun. GG to Roger and Gerjay.

Highlight of the day: Some random guy offering me and Bry a job.

hahaha, I was told about that. Sounds so funny.