The Final Tune Up Before T7 At ORBIT (CvS2/MvC2/3S/A3/ST)

I don’t have any of the brackets for the other games but the 1st stage of the Team Canada CvS2 Qualifier broke down like this

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (8 Entrants - Invitational Round Robin)
1st - Flightwing (14 points - Beat Poke Guy, Noodleman, Gerjay, YellowS4, Nagata Lock II, Jiggabry, Arcade Legend)
2nd - Poke Guy (12 points - Beat Noodleman, Gerjay, YellowS4, Nagata Lock II, Arcade Legend, Jiggabry. Lost to Flightwing)
3rd - Noodleman (10 points - Beat Gerjay, YellowS4, Nagata Lock II, Jiggabry, Arcade Legend. Lost to Flightwing, Poke Guy)
4th - Gerjay (6 points - Nagata Lock II, Jiggabry, Arcade Legend. Lost to Flightwing, Poke Guy, Noodleman, YellowS4)
5th - YellowS4 (4 points - Beat Gerjay, Nagata Lock II. Lost to Flightwing, Poke Guy, Noodleman, Arcade Legend, Jiggabry)
6th - Nagata Lock II (4 points - Beat Jiggabry, Arcade Legend. Lost to Flightwing, Noodleman, Gerjay, YellowS4)
6th - Arcade Legend (4 points - Beat YellowS4, Jiggabry. Lost to Flightwing, Poke Guy, Noodleman, Gerjay, YellowS4, Nagata Lock II)
7th - Jiggabry (2 points - Beat YellowS4. Lost to Poke Guy. Forfeit to Flightwing, Noodleman, Gerjay, YellowS4, Nagata Lock II, Arcade Legend)

Flightwing goes into the qualifier on Friday July 21st against Montreal’s qualifier and the West Coast qualifier to determine the final spot.

1st- Ratio1beatdown
2nd- YellowS4
3rd- Shumayel
4th- WB!
5th- Phastestpig
5th - Dogberry
7th - Original Gatsby
7th - Psychochronic

Ratio1beatdown goes into the qualifier on Friday July 21st against Montreal’s qualifier.

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (8 Entrants)

  1. Jiggabry
  2. g3nn
  3. Lord Magnus
  4. Deathfist
  5. Ratio1Beatdown
  6. Quan
  7. Dice01
  8. Gerjay (Double DQ)

1st - Ack - Urien
2nd - Yellow S4 - Dudley
3rd - Nech_Beb - Chun/Urien
4th - Phastestpig - Chun/Ken/ryu
5th - Sumit - ken
5th - WB! - Ibuki
7th - DarkDragon -Chun
7th - Steve - Akuma
9th - Arcade Legend -Ken/Alex
9th - G3nn -Ken
9th - Daniel - Makoto
9th - Mike - Dudley
13th - Patrick - Urien
13th - Psychochronic - Chun/Ken
13th - Shumayel - Ken
13th - Farael - Ken

GG’s to everyone.


GG to everyone…this RR was ultra tight. But I hate RR’s and how easy it is to get ties.

GGs to all. Lots of great games happened today.

Wait a sec, I only saw Gerjay play 3 matches. I’m sure I didn’t play him…What happened? oh well.

he forfeit his matches after me and jay beat him, cause he was out of the runnings.

Dream Killers, Crushers, Stompers, Rapists, etc.

I should really learn how to play A3 properly.

There was easily one darkspot to an otherwise great Round Robin tournament and it’s two fold, one leading into another.

First of all, people kept going on and on about the $15 entry fee. Eventually I waived the fee. This was a giant mistake on my part. I knew I put that fee into effect for a reason; to make sure that people took the event seriously and didn’t do anything stupid and/or irresponsible. Which brings me to the other part of the problem…

I forfeit/quit/go home/whatever

Simply put, quitting from various players in the RR put the screws to those of us that wanted a legit shot at going far in the tournament. If you were going to quit, you never should have entered in the first place. In Bryan’s case, I didn’t really mind. He was DQ’d in his first match, lost his 2nd one and then quit. Essentially he lost all his matches so it has absolutely no bearing on the bracket whatsoever.

Gerjay on the other hand outright FUCKED the bracket. He beat Ian and myself, was handed a win by Bryan, lost to Jason and Jay and then left. He gave Wing the sole win he needed to at least get a tie for first and forced Jason into a position where he had to win his match against Wing just to get a playoff. THIS MAKES ME SICK! Before anyone even thinks of telling me “he would have been stranded” Tylor was still there and everyone (and Gerjay himself) knows I would have driven Gerjay home if he was really in a bind. Instead he disappears and I find out only after I call his match when Jason tells me he’s gone. This is one of the most irresponsible things I’ve ever seen in a tournament atmosphere.

On brighter notes…

  • I taped the entire CvS2 tournament. It comes in just under 4 hours long. I’ll be putting it on DVD in a day or two and will give the participants (or at least the ones that stuck around) a copy when I see them at T7.

  • It was good to see Steve again after about six months.

  • Did anyone else see Bizarro World Temujin?

  • Alpha 3 looked like a lot of fun. I was actually more interested to watch that than any other tournament.

  • Thanks to Tommy, Nathan, and Kevin for running 3S, MvC2 and A3/ST respectively.

  • Congratulations to Roger for qualifying both in Super Turbo and Alpha 3.

  • GG’s to everyone in the Round Robin. The matches were intense from start to finish and show what kind of great material you can get when you bring talented players together.


no you shouldn’t, that game is shit.

So Jigga won marvel??

I feel bad for noodleman. . . .

Just so we understand this, I’ll fully explain my situation.

I came late, and I thank you greatly for it. I played 3 matches, beating Ian and Justin and losing to Jason. After this, I decided to myself that I have the power to clinch it and make it a 3 way tie between me/wing/noodleman or to forfeit any of my matches to take myself out of the running and leave it down to wing and noodleman.

I definately wanted to play my matches through, however Kevin said he was leaving shortly when I played my match against Parry Master Jay.

I specifically asked you Justin, and Bry and Adil can BOTH back me up on this one, if you could drive me home. You said “no, I’m not heading to Sauga after”. Me and Bry both told you Kevin was leaving, and you just nodded as if you understood the situation completely. Maybe you were nodding about something else, I really don’t know, but you nodded after telling me I couldn’t get a ride. This to me meant my chances for qualifying were over, since even if I won, I would have to leave before I could finish.

So, I went into the match with Jay knowing this, and you have the thing on tape yourself… When I had my huge leads with Vega, I jumped into stuff and listened to the BS people around me were telling me. Please watch the tapes if you don’t believe me. I played it the way Jay was, me doing the hitting and him doing the parrying. If you couldn’t tell this (cause I know others did…) then I’m sorry. (Also Jay, I’m not saying in any way I’m better than you, I’m just saying that I played out of the ordinary after I developed a lead.)

After loosing to Jay and officially losing all chance of qualifying for myself, I left. You said so yourself, it was down to Noodleman and Wing, and wing had already lost to nooodleman. After that point it was Wing’s tourney by default.

If you honestly feel that the person who deserved to qualify didn’t qualify, then I’m sorry about that, but the results speak for themselves as I see it. Wing beat Noodleman, and after I lost to noodleman I gave him respect for being the better player. This makes Wing the rightful winner in my eyes based on results alone. And if you’re going to bring up tylor into this as well, he lost to Wing fairly as well.

I don’t know about you, but the Round Robin was about finding the best person to qualify, and the results clearly showed that Wing was the favourite and I did what I could to ensure that he qualified. Tell me this is favouritism (which it isn’t since I tend to have a negative disposition towards Wing…), tell me its unfair for noodleman or Tylor, but as I see it all I did was ensure that the player who won his matches against the other top qualifiers was the one who qualified. I’ve said more than enough that I wanted to eliminate the random BS that could occur from a qualifer for months, and when I had the power to ensure that the man with the wins against the other top two (After I decided I didn’t deserve on the team after losing to noodle) I made it happen.

Good luck to Wing in the final qualifier :slight_smile:

thanks gerjay for the support.

i dunno about u guys, but i honestly think i won the qualifier fair and sqaure.

i beat all players (cept gerjay cause he wasnt there).
so even IF gerjay stayed and beat me.
im still in advanced, right? cause i beat talyor AND noodleman.
and gerjay already have 2 losses, so he cant qualify in any way.

(im not too familiar with the RR system)
if thats the case, do we (me/jason/talyor) go into another 3 man RR?
even after ive proven myself and beat both of them?

if that happens, it’ll be a piss off.
RR suks.

i dont think jiggabry/gerjay left the tournment cause of the $0 entry fee or “not being serious about it” its because they know they cant advance. (therefore its no point for them to keep on playing + they had to leave)

i mean, if anyone thinks its not fair cause gerjay left
then i couldve said the same thing about jiggbry (no offense)
cause he used his best effort to play me but he forfeit to other players.
by all means, he might have beaten the players that he hasnt play aginst right?
then that’ll be even sure the tournment is mine.

GG to everyone today, especially to jason and talyor. (tight matches)
roger is a scam.

6 men qualifier for turbo is stupid.
i still cant believe im in for team canada of that game.


u meant the other way around
noodleman lost to me.

Wing spelling Tylor’s name wrong every single time is wow haha.

Personally, I was glad that the fee was waived; team order is what did me in (and that faggot character Sagat too!)

Remember, cvs is better than A3, ST and 3s. Dinner solved that. GG’s to everyone in those respective games.

yes, in then end, nothing really got screwed up.

After Gerjay was elminated from the runnings, there were only 3 players left, wing, tylor and me. It was actually almost better for me, cause Gerjay could run the chance of beating wing and losing to tylor, which would elminate me from the runnings (since the i would have a tie record with Tylor, and i lost to him, so I lose even if i beat wing).

With things went down the way it did, It was clear that I had to earn my own qualification spot, which I think was the better way of doing it. It wouldn’t have been because of circumstances, but rather me playing well.

As Gerjay and Wing said, Wing was clearly the best player of the day, going undefeated.

Wow, the scrub who loses to Jason Ma 5 times in a row and complains about having to go first won?

You and I have different accounts of this situation. I have no recollection of talking to you about a ride at all. I was in the middle of taping a match and Bry was in my peripheral vision while I was looking at the viewfinder. I heard something like “Curt, you’re not able to give a lift to Sauga right?” and I said “nope, going to watch UFC.” Now understand where I’m coming from when I said that. I already knew Bryan was out of the tournament because he forfeit his matches. I figured he was just making sure that he didn’t have to ask Roger for a ride back with him and Adil. I had absolutely no idea that you were in a position where you thought you had to leave when Kevin was still there (didn’t know he was leaving that soon) and Tylor was still there (who I knew would be there for hours afterwards).

Except that wasn’t the case. You misinterpreted what I was trying to get across. I said “and Gerjay is no longer mathematically able to win.” What I meant to convey was “and Gerjay can now only salvage a tie for first.” I always equate “win” with “clinch” when it comes to Round Robin. Running under the idea that you beat Tylor and Wing (tough but workable) you’d have ended up in a 3 way tie for first with Wing and Noodleman. That’s why I was fuming when I realized you left, because you threw away a possible playoff chance and handed other people the same opportunity after beating people (myself included) only to leave.

I don’t have a problem with Wing being the winner. He played very well, pulling through some really tight matches and deserves to move on. I just don’t like how it all unfolded at the end.

where are the marvel results at?

Marvel was surprisingly weak (8 players? 10?) after such strong turnouts over the last few months.

Did Adil come 3rd? I know Bryan was going nuts over Adil vs Nathan but I didn’t know if it was Losers Finals or not.

Marvel Results from memory:

  1. Jiggabry
  2. g3nn
  3. Lord Magnus
  4. Deathfist
  5. Ratio1Beatdown
  6. Quan
  7. Dice01
  8. Gerjay (did not attend)

Roger, Wing and Jamie qualified for the ST team.

A3 results:

5th-Tommy, Kevin
7th-Brett, Steve

Steve came last? WOW! I can’t say as I saw that coming.

Kevin; you still owe me $3 for my ST entrance fee I didn’t get back.

Good tourney, wish i played better…but just didnt have it that day. I must credit the participants tho…they brought their A game. GG to all. Good luck in keeping the spot Wing.