The final


I’ve been thinking for months about this. As my account shows, i’ve been here for a long time, in fact longer since this isn’t my first account. Through out the years here in SRK, I have blessed the forum with great threads and have been regarded as the deserving number 1 list in the infamous SRK tiers when it was constructed.

I was the only guy who could get a ton of green or red reps whenever i wanted to. I’ve also turned religion threads into a gladiator like battle where every religion thread ended up with me standing on a pile of blooded up bodies. I was there during the time the Rock (or some guy posing as the rock) posted here, when Mixah made account suicide by spamming the FG with crap porn sites, the whole Gaia and invasions… I even participated in them, such as Gaia and SA.M hated me for that because Gaia forgot and stopped caring about him.They even made sticky threads against me and Sa.m did his best but just like the rest here, if your thread sits on the same page as my thread no one will care about it.

Looking at my accolades: being the Greatest Poster of this site, SRK’s icon, the unslayed dragon of religion threads, the prophetic teacher of the UMVC3 Creative Writers Tier thread, and one of the last remaining real manly men of the forum. I ask myself, how long can i go? I haven’t made a great thread in over a year, i didn’t intellectually and academically destroyed a bunch of atheists this year, i’m so lazy to do so. Then i thought to myself, “Jordan didn’t stay with the Bulls forever, Babe Ruth eventually retired, so did Mohammad Ali”… so maybe it is time that I move on too.

So here is what i am saying, this will be the final year. By the end of oct or the end of this year, the Greatest Poster of SRK will e-retire and move on not just from SRK, but the net in general.

Post your testimonials about me.


I’ll always remember your avatar but yeah I haven’t been on for a year yet but best wishes for you.


Who are you again?




These 1-4 year olds show why SRK needs an archive, being oblivious about who i am is levels of wrong and that should be taken in concern.


You were always my favorite
From your early days when you would always post in third person…to your nascent wit where you’d end all of your posts with some goofy Dr. B quote. Your middle years were probably my favorite…all of your stories about your kids as they grew up, I really felt like I had a connection to them. You matured and ditched the Dr. B and replaced it with the ever so catchy “This has been the invincible Cisco…”. In your last years, I guess the responsibilities of parent hood and your tour in Korea (oh, I loved your starcraft anecdotes) took its toll and you really couldn’t find the time to post. Most of your posts became this hyper macho, angry black man caricature of your former self, however, your massive repertoire of gifs for virtually any situation kept you popular.
Its sad to see you retiring, but fame is fleeting. Glad to see you go out with dignity rather than burn out and fade into obscurity.

Act like you know


That gave me tear. You posters should take this man as an example as to how you all should act… you’re one of the last remaining real men here Kroma. I don’t have kids though, unless i didn’t withdraw properly with one of the whores i bought at the slut house… I haven’t been to Korea yet.


If I could sum up Cisco in one YouTube video, it would be this one, where Cisco is the guy everyone is telling to stay down, and the guy that keeps egging him on is just another part of Cisco’s demented psyche.


Mother fucker. You are just salty that you’re ass is the most recent stuffed trophy plaque that i have hanging on my religion thread victory wall. But the video was funny.

The real sum up of me is like late 80’s hulk hogan entering a ring filled guys and just throwing them out after ripping his shirt.


No really, stay down.


It doesn’t matter where i am at because you are still below my foot. Move on Spacs.


Back to the ground, looking up in a haze, with your equilibrium shot and flailing your legs, I’m sure everything looks like it’s under your foot. Though props for somehow managing to stay alive through the constant forum beatdowns you’ve been handed; you’re like Dan Hibiki, except lacking the charm and shred of skill in your chosen hobby.

I’m not sure what this being your “final year” will accomplish. We’ve all seen you R. Mika ass-tackle your way directly onto every cock in the land, so you’ll have to be spectacularly inept, moreso than usual, to impress anyone. ElderGOD already has your schtick taken to its logical extreme, and regardless of who came first he’s much more active on the forums; at best, doing your usual thing will make folks think you’re just his kid trying way too hard to impress his idiotic father by acting just as idiotic.

So let’s brainstorm: what can Cisco do to make this supposed “final year” memorable before he returns in 2014? Ideally something that doesn’t get you banned for threats of violence like poor, poor {PFH}-Lake. Shoutouts to {PFH}-Lake, by the way. What a stupid motherfucker.


One time I had a pop tart with no frosting. I still think it was Cisco’s fault.


Ok I see his sig where it says “Undefeated in religion threads”.

It’s fishjie’s alt account, right?


Posting about how you’re the greatest ever on this site, claiming to destroy people in the religious forums, and then leaving a 3 month window for your departure is bad enough. The fact that you actually announce an e-retirement and use the reasoning of being lazy and that you, “didn’t intellectually and academically destroyed a bunch of atheists this year” (fix that tense usage) says to me that you’re the worst kind of idiot…the one that thinks he’s smart and by touting his intellectual online behind the curtain of anonymity, gets to stroke his meager ego that serves as a self esteem boost to offset his failures in life.

The fact that you, or anyone, tries to disprove, discredit, or disparage another person’s belief is pathetic and reeks of a bloated sense of self importance. Why is it so important to try and prove something that no one can definitively? You haven’t proven anything for as long as there can be any doubt or argument to the contrary. Does anyone argue about what color the sky appears to be? Maybe, but if you know that the sky is blue, does it really affect you if someone wants to think it’s green? Crushing someone’s beliefs is mean spirited and smacks of insecurity in your own faith or lack thereof. Stop it.

My testimonial of you is such: I clicked on your post at random. I don’t know you, nor do I wish to as you seem like a rotting, fetid turd of a person. I can only speak for myself when I say that you really need to bump up that retirement so you can relearn how to interact on a real and meaningful level. Seriously, I hope leaving this forum and the internet at large, improves your quality of life because, frankly, engaging in an internet flame war to validate your opinions, your beliefs, or your sense of self worth is pathetic.

Much like the man that is represented by your avatar, your sense of reality and your place in the lives of anyone else who posts on this site, or any other site, is so far skewed that you’re probably beyond reasoning. So go ahead and start formulating your response, chock full of insults and anecdotes that prove your superiority to me in every way. Pat yourself on the back for your epic beat down of me and sit there waiting for my response so that you can gear up for yet another inevitable diatribe that proves without a shadow of a doubt how awesome you are. Then wallow in your disappointment as you wait for a response that never comes because, unlike you, I truly couldn’t care less about what anyone here thinks about me.

In the end, whether you try to flame me, discredit me, scoff at me, or dismiss me, it doesn’t matter. I will be going about my day as I was before I wandered into this topic. When you sit there and finally digest enough of what I said to try and formulate a retort, just realize that I won’t be around to see it. I just don’t care what you have to say.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a walk-off.




you’re taking this way to seriously.



You get credit for being a good troll in the UMvC3 boards.


i like how cisco has always claimed to be “undefeated” in religion threads because everyone just knew he was too stupid to even consider a counter-argument.

winning an argument = being the last idiot yelling apparently


Don’t you love when someone takes a troll thread seriously?


You could have just posted something something Dr.B and left the thread.

Being a better poster than Cisco is no cause for celebration, a hamster running across the keyboard could make a better thread.

Also, I didn’t mean to post in this thread. I needed to take a dump so I just followed the stench of bullshit and figured this was the place.