The First Fighter Ever

Heavyweight Champ (1976) - Videogame by Sega

I believe this is untrue. I remember G4 had an episode of Game Makers that showed the first fighter and it was some PC game that featured two polygons wielding swords or lances. It was very primitive.

Edit: I found it. Here it is [media=youtube]Q-lOcb1rfOo&feature=related[/media]

Also boxing games don’t count.

why not? I guess street fighter 4 ceases to be a fighting game when it is Balrog vs. Dudley?

last I checked boxing is still fighting. This beats that warrior game by 3 years. Good stuff, what a weird lookn game though.

most of the time boxing games suck but fight night round 3 is hella fun. Really cool concepts in that game that 3d developers could use in theirs. They had this punch system where ever punch could be pulled back. It had a hold parry which I didn’t like. Fight night rd 3 is a fighting game in my book. If you played with the face buttons though as punches, you’re a bitch.


Also when it is Alex Vs Hugo.

It was obviously beneath TNB’s greatness to research this himself so he had to harass his fellow SRK peeps to do it. =)

That depends; does Smackdown vs. Raw become a fighting game when Edge and Kane start throwing jabs?

The First Fighting Game.

Circa 1976.
Heavyweight Champ (1976) - Videogame by Sega
Last time I posted this, I not only had…People arguing over whether or not this was indeed the first, but were discussing whether boxing is really fighting. Not tolerating that. If you think I’m wrong, disprove my statement, or argument, as you may have it, with evidence. Otherwise don’t try. And if you don’t find yourself interested in this, don’t bother coming in or commenting. By doing those, you are wasting my time, yours, any effort you put into typing your comment, and space on the srk server.

As to the notion that there were fighting games before this one, games before the mid to late seventies barely existed as far as I know. The only one that comes to mind for me are space war at MIT in 1962. Yes, people have literally been playing shoot em ups for 49 years. That is a long time.

Again, if you got something, prove me wrong and show me the source of your information, as well as proof.

Otherwise, you hardxcore fighting gamers don’t have anything on the TRUE PROS FROM 1976 BACK IN THE DAY! - that’s a joke btw.

Also, the white guy is op. 1 frame startup. They should rebalance this. Make an hd remix. Seriously he makes CE Bison look like a pansy. I mean look at him.

Then why post it again? God we need a mod here.

I hope the DLC that comes out for it would include an update to clean up the matchups

Shut up TNB

no we dont, just ignore the thread if you have no interest in it.

How many times have you seen this happen before?

New guy comes up, opens a bad thread, puts some shitty (not to mention unrelated to fighting games) vids in the media bar, and when people get pissed off at him he thinks SRK is a horrible place with an “elitist” community and leaves for good.

TNB- Try lurking rather than posting, and get to know the forum and its people better.

this game should be called “White Supremecy” :confused:

also I think the sf2 intro was a reference to this game.

why did you post this? you concerntrated on defending without making it clearwhy it should be discussed.


who made it?

what is the system like? can you block?

it’s only one player right?

Made by sega. very primitive. That has been said under the link if you were actually looking and reading.

The reason this should be discussed is in the title, sort of. It is the first (versus) fighter. This should be a no brainer on a site all about versus fighting.

Also, that one guy seriously believed the"op" 1 frame startup for the white fighter. lol. That was puuuure sarcasm. If it was a snake you’d be bitten, man, seriously. Do you think people did frame data in 1976 for this outside of r and d and programming? Frame data more than likely was identical for both to make it easier to program and especially under such eight bit hardware limitations. The “1 frame start-up” thing is like me saying Mario was O.P. in S.M.B.1 and his jump-range was 17 pixels higher than Luigi’s. Luigi is a palette-swap of Mario in that game and works the exact same way. This game was made before such things as differences between characters in video games were even done.

In other news, Britannica confirms it being two player.
Heavyweight Champ (electronic game) – Britannica Online Encyclopedia
It says it is the first “versus” fighter. So maybe it isn’t the first fighter? Geez. Wonder what the first (electronic) one was then…

Later versions of this game were put onto the genesis (I think), as well as the arcade.

The later version(s?) is/are quite similar to “Punch Out!”

As for info, this game, if you can’t already tell for some reason, is ANCIENT. And more than likely the info on it is quite sparse. That seems to be the case with my research. Wikipedia had a full article… But someone turned it into a paragraph. -_-

also, you need a mod cuz someone posted something someone dont like? wow.

I think he asked for a mod cos you have an attitude problem. you don’t start a conversation with an attitude cos you’ll get attitude back, also since im the only person in this thread that asked questions to make a conversation happen how can you be so stupid as to attack me. like I said you didn’t make it clear what was interesting about the game at all and focused on defending it, well go on keep defending it if you want but don’t expect anyone to pay attention to someone with a crowbar up his arse

did you not read this?:

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