The first fighting game you want your kids to play

Hey guys. A friend a I were disscusing what fighting game we want our kids to grow up on. I said that sf HD remix would be simple enough not to frustrait them but also challenging enough to get them interested in genre. Just wanted to get more opinions and feed back thanks guys.

Hypothetically? If I did have a kid, they’d be learning Virtua Fighter.

Any reason in particluar for vf?

Simple to learn, hard to master.

Hyper Fighting or ST.

My kid brother started on Hyper Fighting (well, Special Champion Edition on Genesis back in '93) at the age of 6, and has been playing FGs ever since. Pretty much beats anyone I know and often has to leave the arcade despite not losing simply because he has to get back to class or work.

i got my lil brother playing sf4.
i also got him a fightstick but he prefers the pad.
i have to break him of that habit.

My old and younger brother and I would always have sc3 nights I we would never take it easy on my younger borther. As a result he took the time to learn the game iside out and study videos now nether of us can beat him

ST fo sho.

I think st would be too challenging for a new player to understand.

ST is very simple to understand. You just have to explain to them why spamming fireballs is useful in certain areas or things just magically work.
As for why I would want to teach a child Virtua Fighter? Well, I feel like the game can actually teach you a decent lot, the tutorial in Virtua Fighter 4 EVO is one of the best I’ve seen. From what little I’ve played it with DandyJ and SH_ , I’ve learned the basics about how option select, defense, and mix ups work. Not to mention VF5 shows you pretty much how your character plays against another in a high level match, as demonstrated by high level JP players, so there’s something to study from.

I don’t know I’m still new to VF myself, but I’ve learned a decent amount of basics again in a small amount of time from it.

I share the same sentiment with DJ_San. Also Super Turbo, because well as you all know. Fundamentals > Almost everyone who started playing in 05 and 3’s players. Cause well you can’t parry a ST Zone. :rofl:

Probably one of the old DBZ fighting games. I dont’ know why but I find DBZ fighting games so addicting.

I would teach him Killed Instinct

Mark of the Wolves cause it’s simple controls, yet pretty deep


Mind you, my children will probably start out in the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario, so giving them a fun and easy game that is attuned to their level of complexity would start them in the right direction.

I agree. Budokai 2 had a great combo system allong you to teleport and continue a combo. This game introduced me to mixups.

Depends on the character IMO.

Show him a bunch of fighting games and let him sort it out. Get a bunch of the old SNES fighting games and have him go through them. As a child who loved fighting games, that was the best experience ever. So really, start on SF2, then showing all the stuff until he finds something he likes. For all we know we could have a Tekken demon and we don’t know it; or the next level of mahvel hype.

I’d want my kid’s playing whatever’s hip at the time, just as we all did when we got started. We weren’t subjected to Karate or Street Fighter, we played Street Fighter 2, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and others. Perhaps they’ll get wind of the classics through special releases and compilations, but the natural order of things is for the next generation to enjoy products created in their time - and for them to explore history at their leisure. That’s how most of us had it.

Super Turbo.

Teach them the fundamentals that is in basically every fighting game. Hell, I think everyone should learn how to play the game, because I believe your fundamentals in FGs are weaker if you haven’t learned ST at even a basic level.