The first GDT Monthly in Hackensack NJ (GGXXS and 3S)!

=======What’s going down?=======

Hey everyone, Zaelar and myself here in NJ think the tournament scene is a little lackluster so we got together with a local console cafe to get some monthly tournament / ranbats / whatever going. Again, it’s console, so all you arcade go-ers suck it up and get over here! Pardon the fucking novel of a first post.

=======When’s it going down?=======

The day before mother’s day, SATURDAY, MAY 13th. I realize this is short, two weeks notice, but we just recently got things finalized to get it going.

Signs up will begin at 4 pm, and the tournaments will start promptly at 5 pm. Sign ups for CvS2 will start EARLIER, say between 3-4, and the tournament itself will likely start at 4. If there’s not enough folks we might wait a little longer. If you’re late, call the number at the end of this post to let us know!

=======What the fuck is down?=======

The tournaments being held are for GUILTY GEAR SLASH, THIRD STRIKE, and CVS2. NJ needs a GGS scene again, so we’ll do our best to revive it / provide it. And too many random fools play 3S /CvS2 so we got that too.

It’s $5 entry per tournament and a one time $5 house fee. Nice and simple. So if you enter GGXXS and 3S, you pay $5 for GGXXS, $5 for 3S, and $5 for the house.

=======How is it going down?=======

All right, here are the rules we’ve got going regarding round robins, double elimination, and the like.

[]3-4: Round robin, winner take all
]5-9: Round robin, second gets 10, winner gets rest
[*]10+: Double elimination, 70/20/10, second/third getting bumped up to 10 at the expense of first place if they would be less.

Round Robin(RR) rules:

[]Everyone plays against everyone in a 2/3.
]RR rank is determined by number of matches won. Ties are determined by number of games won. If further tiebreaking is needed, matches are extended to 3/5 for those involved.
[]In 5-6, the first two continue their match to a 3/5 to determine a winner.
]In 7-9, the top 4 seed a double elimination bracket to determine the top two. All matches are reset, and are now 3/5.

Double Elimination(DE) rules:

Matches are 2/3, exept for winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals which are 3/5.

Other rules:

To avoid confusion, to make sure your controlls are correct soft reset (select+start+L1+R1+L2+R2 covers most games) and go into options. Don’t go into a game and pause to change your controlls.

Pausing during a game is basically a forfieture of the game(not round). If there is a clear advantage to one side or both players want to resume from the pause, a judge may decide a different outcome. If both players can agree on the same way to continue the game, it will probably be allowed.

Using turbo or macro functions on a controller is not allowed. You may set up your controller any way that a game allows. Controllers may be inspected by a judge.

Disqualification doesn’t mean you get your entry fee back.

Should something not covered by the rules come up, it is up to the judges to determine the outcome.

Programable controllers / sticks are not allowed.

I’m sure you all know the deal with NO KLIFF / JUSTICE / GILL / GOLD / EX whatever characters.

Winner stays with character, losers may change.

Winner may change Super art in 3S.

=======Where’s it going down?=======

Game Dimensions
7 Banta Place
Hackensack NJ 07601

phone # 201 488 7775

=======What’s left?=======

It’s our first tournament, so we’ll see how it goes. Just get your asses here on time!

We’ll also be rotating the games out each month, once we get a feel for how many folks will start coming. Hell, they might become bi-montly, but that’s all set for the future.

Lastly, we might do a ranbat-esque point system depending on the number of people that show. More on that at the tournament.

Directions to the place from NY will be up shortly (from one of the owner’s himself). Further corrections may also be made, so check this post for that.

Any other questions / comments / complaints, let me know.



Vith Dos here, I own the cafe. The last event was awesome. good to see another is on the way

Here for driving directions, pics of the place, etc etc

We are about 15 mins driving from NY.

Easiest way from NYC by public transportation that i know is to take the 178 bus from the GWB station (take the A train). Take the 178 to hackensack Bus terminal and follow the main street to banta place and make a left on there.

We’ll have plenty of food n drink but there are lots of places to eat around us. After the door fee yall welcome to stay until whenever! I hope some CVS2 players come. i been itching to try out my new skills. :rofl:

Good shit Chibi and Vith. I’ll do my best to make it. :karate:

jerz rep ill try to make it with my camcorder

I left out a few of the obvious things that shouldn’t need mentioning like dragging your opponent outside and throwing them into the path of a truck isn’t allowed.

Loser gets to select stage and music for guilty gear. Stage will likely be set to always random for 3s(handicap off). Both games will probably be loaded with no memory card which takes care of bosses and company.

I’m not exactly sure what a ranbat is, but from what Chibi told me its basically the same thing as my idea, only my idea gives some miniscule points to more people.

Edit: I’ll play cvs2. Me and chibi will probably come early, we’ll play then before we need to use up all the room for the tournaments.

ok so let me figure out placements

cvs2: min
gg: kyohei
3s: probably me but zaelar can scrub me out (unless someone from ny shows up or chris who probably wont even know about this shows up)

bwahahahaha!!! ok i’ll be there likeyl _@w

Naw I can guarantee you won’t win 3S Henaki, that’ll either be Zaelar or another friend of ours ;p.

oh man you can GARUNTEE it

who cares

Damn you Chibi for starting so late! :arazz: I would go but the 'rents are fucking anal about me staying out so late. But its good to see that NJ has a RanBat going sooner than NY.

If you come early I’ll be playing games all throughout the day. Dont have to stay for the whole thing ya know :wgrin:

@ Henaki:

My friend and Zaelar :D!

@ Makoto:

Come mad early for some casuals!

I’ll be there early as well ;D.

@ VD and Chibi: So if I were to show up around 3, then you guys are gonna be there? Schweet! But it still sounds like a tourney would end too late for me to actually play in one. :sad:

Yeah I’ll be there stupid early, more or less to practice and out of sheer anxiety.

And just stay for the tournament, I really doubt it taking more then two hours, even two hours seems much.

I think.


Depends how many people show.

i would go if there was mvc2

I’ll bring my copy of mvc2 and we can play for a little bit before/after the tournament. I’m not good though.

good enough…count me in for 3s. havent played in a while but ill give it a shot

It’s on PS2 mind you.

I’ll bring it on DC too ;p.

Team Sp00ky will be here for this. That means brush up bitches, cause we broke and we intend on taking some money home.

Good shit Vic!


Also, it’s possible we might put in CvS2 at the last minute, check the first post in a day’s time for the update.

Having two tv’s for each tourney is probably a bit much, I think one game per tourney could work.