The first person you saw put a character 'together'?

Couple of weeks ago me and vic aka victor aka dog-face were at his place playing xmen vs street fighter. We were joking how he thought Ryu sucked in that game until he came to LA one time and saw Valle playing him. That was the first time he saw Ryu as a viable character because of hop kick into throw.

So I couldn’t sleep last night and of course in my dreams I dream about vic so it got me thinking about this topic. I suppose things are slightly different with the internet these days and that invention known as youtube not to mention there hasn’t been a new game in 200 years. Still…figured I would post some people up. Note: I’m not saying these people invented anything - these were just the first players that I saw really prove to me that either a character or a tactic was good.

Playing against Choi’s Sakura in A2 for the first time (ECC3). I had read on AGSF2 that she was good and I had tried playing her myself but it really wasn’t until getting crossed up 900 times did the light bulb go off.

Playing against Graham Wolfe’s Rolento in A2 for the first time at some random SJG tournament. Prior to that Rolento was all ‘noise’ to me with too many damn moves.

Viscant’s Storm in any game. Bitch didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me until I saw Viscant being a bully with her. “Ohhh - thats why standing roundhouse should be a fireball motion!”

Eddie Lee with double war machine and duo’ing fools nonstop.

Duc with Marvel 2 in general to be honest haha.

HungBee and Oro in 3S. Yeah yeah yeah - we knew about oro in OG SF3 and probably some crazy jpnese players but it really wasn’t until I saw Hung winning with Oro at Evo a few years back that I could see why Oro was good in 3s.

Ricky with Nakoruru in CvS1. Of course we all knew she was cheap…but that cheap??

ShadyK flying around with sentinel. I knew the robot could fly but damn…

Sanford for destroying fools with Sentinel.

Post up yours!

Derek Daniels

Tokido playing Urien back in 2002. I had read about Aegis stuff, I think written by SlimX, but seeing it in action was mindblowing.

magneto X in like 2001

Back in Hampton, VA, there was a local group that called themselves the horsemen. I knew moves, but I had no idea that there was such a strategy behind them until I saw them play SFII.

-Fat Paul (not to be confused with skinny paul) was the first person I ever saw use guile in WW and crush people. I was still on jumpkick, sweep when I saw him chasing sonic booms and until that point I thought charge characters sucked. He was also the first ST player to show me that Bison wasn’t garbage.

-Corsey was the first person to make me think that KI wasn’t garbage, and then make me think that KI was garbage again.

-Skinny Paul literally broke Samurai Showdown for me. He had the tactics down and would play with one hand while dispensing quarters.

-Vic was the first person I’d ever seen rape with Dhalsim. I never gave the character any respect and I was such a scrub that after losing nearly 5 dollars it finally clicked that it wasn’t dumb luck, and dhalsim was good.

-Andy’s fucking ken shenanigans in ST still haunt my brain.

  • I can’t remember his name, but there was a tall white dude with blonde hair who played XvsSF and I saw the Cyc infinite for the first time and realized I wanted to play that game lol.

You thought Bison sucked? Even as a scrub I knew he was HOT!

no homo


But yeah, way back when Tekken 2 was out for a little while I used to think Lei was ass. I was still a mashing scrub in Tekken back then coming off of my Law Jabs phase since Tekken 2 was nowhere in sight for the PS1. I remember me and my big bro goin to some arcade off Broadway and getting fucking DESTROYED by this Lei dude that was bodying niggas using ONE HAND. Most times DOUBLE PERFECTING them. At that point I started hunting GFaqs and looking for strats on newsgroups and shit. Thanks to him(I never met him again after that since by the time I considered myself good Tekken 3 was about to drop and I chilled in Queens thanks to school) I actually got off my scrub tactics that barely worked to beat my bro and started to learn how to play shit rather than look in EGM for moves and just do that.

I remember way back in 2000 when MvC2 barely came out and everything was still learning the game. This was before I got into competitive gaming and found out about SRK. Around that time I thougt I was the shit with my team of Amingo, Guile and Akuma, first team I put together. I was living in Cali but took a trip out to Vegas and checked out the Gameworks arcade they had, which is still there. Saw some little asian kid playing MvC2 so I figured I’d give it a go challenge the kid. Next thing you know for the first time ever I see the Magneto tempest combo in full effect. I was just shocked that Magneto had something like that and could continue it in the air. I just didnt’ understand how I couldn’t escape the dam thing but yea after getting raped I learned my lesson. So from then on I knew to watch out for Mags since he was no joke in the game. Then eventually people discovered mashing out of it but then that lead to his ROM infinite discovery by ROM the japanese player. It was thanks to that kid that I did research on MvC2 and the whole tournament scene about the game. That is when I found out about SRK and decided to join the site.

guy in karate gi - there was a dude who never lost in our local arcade with Ryu in HF…this guy was like a brazilian jujitsu fighter…would always come in and just wipe everyone out…no one could FB trap him because he had the HK down on lock…never did tick throws…landed every combo…brought down the infamous crossup roundhouse - stand fierce - fierce DP combo to our arcade in Moreno Valley

Scan from Southern Hills Golfland - Red Venom in MvC1 and Sentinel in MvC2…nuff said

Viscant using Bison in A2 - never realized how much of a runaway that motherfucker

Viscant’s Jin/Gief in MvC1 - I remember thinking these two characters sucked until I saw Viscant run his Triple Option shit at James Games

Daigo’s Ken in 3S - when I saw him at EVO2k3 i saw him use the DP not only as AA but as an overall weapon and opened my eyes wider to the bigger picture what 3S had to offer

SuperT’s Lei in Tekken 3 - never knew how much that one character could runaway and play the stupid rush punch guessing game effectively

Chikyuu definitely surprised a lot of people with Twelve at EVO 2K2.
Interestingly enough, the first time I saw Cody played right in A3 was playing Nibor online. That was years before I decided to give that game another chance though.
I know Apoc opened the Japanese up to Boxer a little.

Esteban’s Angel and May Lee in kof2002 were amazing, I had never seen an Angel/May Lee player played remotely as good as that until I ran into some videos of this player. Execution-wise, what he was doing seemed impossible.

GOt the chance to play him offline and he was almost flawless there too.

I’m going to stick to people I have played in person, since you can find videos of any and every character being played right by a japanese kid.

Drew “Konowalchuk” - Eddie in GGXX. Seeing his Eddie (and Millia for that matter) showed why he was broken as hell.

Masaka’s ST Cammy and Fei…and well ST in general. Wish he still lived close :frowning:

There was a guy from Florida, Alex something i think, who went to a gametime tournament near DC about 3 years ago. V-Charlie, couldn’t get close.

Alex Navarro.

Though my tournament experience is very low, I figured I’d contribute to the thread.

Anyway, my first tournament (Down South Clash 3 incase anyone who reads this was there) I only played 3S (at the time it was the one game I was comfortable playing at a high level) and my first match was against a guy who played Urien (if you’re reading this guy, I was playing Alex). To make a long story short, I knew Urien could wreak havoc with Aegis set ups, but had never personally experienced them. Needless to say I got beasted by a big guy in a thong.

Frankie3s - Denjin Ryu
Daigo - Boxer
Kiyo - Alpha 3 Guy

Playing Combofiends Rolento in CvS2. He makes magic happen where it shouldn’t exist!

joo: every character in mvc2 lol

Team max heart with kuroda’s Q and Hayao’s Hugo was nice. Not that those characters are good, but they sure were scary.

Combofiends A-Eagle from that one evo (2k5?)

I grew up in a small town. I’ve loved fighting games ever since I first saw a CE cab as a kid, but after the arcade scene died my world was so isolated that I honestly didn’t realize anyone else was still playing Street Fighter. It was only a few years ago that I discovered the hardcore, still-thriving competitive scene, and up until then I was playing like an eight-year old from '93 who needs a stool to reach the controls. Pretty much everything by everyone beyond shoto cr.fp xx fireball and, just blew my mind. :rofl:

QDogg playing Eddy on TTT-All the folks I’d really seen play Eddy were either mashers or half-assin’ it but then I see this fool at SHGL (bless the dead) doing all this berserk shit with him. Q was first dude I saw play who I would’ve swore he’s on some kind of drugs. His Eddy/Yoshi team was bananas. Shit, I still bite his weird cross-up headbutt juggle 'til this day.