The first person you saw put a character 'together'?

The first time my eyes were ever opened to fighting game depth was when I was playing SFII at my local arcade. I was probably like 8…I wasn’t good at all, but I did pretty well considering my age and I could do all the specials pretty much. I was playing a dude who used Zangief, and I played Cammy back then(we had a super turbo cabinet, which got ditched when Tekken gained popularity). Everything was going as usual, and then the guy did a tick SPD. He did one of the jump in ticks, and to say the least I was surprised. I asked the guy what had just happened, and he explained that you could go into a SPD after an opponent blocks certain moves. I almost picked up zangief, but I sucked at 360s(I still do…hell, I just finally learned how to do a SPD without jumping). When I finally got the internet I went and started to learn the deeper aspects of fighting games. Heh, and it all started with a tick SPD.

The first time I ever saw a character played right though was in Tekken tag at a local tournament, when I got terribly owned by a King player. He sent me to the losers bracket in the first round, and I almost claimed 3rd…but I had to fight him again after he got sent to the losers bracket and he beasted the hell out of me for a second time. That was a weird tournament though…the organizer had turned blocking off in the cabinet, so pretty much you could take anyone with quick punches and poke people to death.

-clockw0rk’s strider/doom against combofiend’s cable/x/bh team uploaded in 2001. damn, that match was awesome. heard about the trap in one of the mvc2 threads by viscant, sounds promising but never saw it in action until i saw that vid.

-maho’s a3 vega. never knew that vega had a reliable midscreen VC which leads into the infinite easily.

-that one japanese v-rolento player (grey colored v-rolento). didn’t thought rolento can use his meter so well in a3 until i saw his matches.

-otk’s cvs2 k-rock

-makoto’s P-kyo

-nakanishi’s c-guile

-dari’s c-rugal

-combofiends entire A-groove team and k-ken

-combofiends team in mvc2. that team is too sick

-rowtrons team row.

Kami-Chan’s Slayer and Kindevu’s Eddie were eye opening experiences to me. They were oppressive to play against. I’m not a good GG player by any means, but there was literally nothing I could do against them. Those two, along with Koogy’s Slayer made me stop playing GG entirely.

Jason Nelson, Apoc, and RenoROB gave me similar eye opening moments in ST/AE. Nelson’s Bison showed me just how scary Dictator is if you’re ever knocked down. Unlike Kamichan/Kindevu/Koogy, they made me want to play more, though.

James Chen, on the other hand, made me very sad when I played his Cammy. Both he and Gian were in my ST pool one year (the year Gian won Evo) and Chen had me more worried than Gian did. I really wanted to ask him, mid-match, if there’s some button I should be pressing that makes Cammy bottom tier, but I think the entire set was finished before I could get that sentence out.

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Does this mean you still a mashing scrub? j/k.

White’s Yuda. I knew Yuda was pretty dumb in Hokuto, but seeing is mixups and setups with Dagarl and Komaku were just amazing.

lol having played fighting games since ww ive seen alot that just opened my eyes as to the true depth of these games:

1 julien “DA miser” beasleys beast ass sodom in the b2 battle by the bay was the most awe inspiring pass in fighting game history: it was first of all devastating to say the least, it was also incredibly original, and more than anything it was FUN as hell to watch. his jig scrape game was afaik unsurpassed to this day and his setups for his supers ( omg the range of that thing!) was just beautiful. i’d read about his game in the legendary book but seeing it for the first time on vid was… just no words can explain.

  1. seeing some random dude BEASTING on people with a-ism R.Mika in a3.
    this guy wasnt a slide whore he used all her moves. playing against him made mika feel like a crack mode poking 360 machine. ive NEVER seen a mika played in such a pretty manner since.

  2. first time some asian dude made me fall w/o hitting me with guile i was like “WTF”!

  3. some random dude killing peeps with gief, i watched his hands to find out how he did the spd, went home tried and got it on the 2nd try and so started the bromance between me and and a big russian guy.

  4. alex valle on a3: this guy gets a mention not for any one specific character but because of how he played an entire game. i never knew how well footsies alone could just wreck your game until i played this dude, didnt matter what character he played, i just felt “lost” whenever i played against him. definitely changed my outlook on what i thought was powerful in the world of streetfighter.

I mean, HE HAS JUKES!!! wow just wow.

  1. semi on sc2: makes you rethink pressing buttons or ducking when he plays astaroth.

lol and so many more.

Duc and Valle-Mishimas my first trip to SHGL now Kane and Devil Jin.
East Coast CVS 2 Vega
Japanese Makoto from 5v5 vid.
Watson’s Ryu in SF II.
Rowtron and everything he brought to marvel back in 2002-2003.
Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz-showed me how good walking back and forth low forward was.

It actually makes me angry when I see someone completely put something together that I failed with. Especially with games that I really like because I probably wasted like 3 weeks trying to make it work and just came up short.

Best example of this is probably Buktooth’s N-Iori in CvS2. I KNEW N-Iori was good, I absolutely knew it, I just couldn’t prove it because I’ve been awful with Iori since 1995. I hadn’t played Buk in awhile until one of the Evos and I got a chance to watch him play and like…everything that I thought Iori was, Buk could actually do and pull off effectively. And nobody else does it. I actually wish I could play him more often because there are so many Iori things about CvS2 I want to test, but there’s only 1 actual credible N-Iori who puts it all together.
Still waiting for someone to do that with P-Kyo. In my head I have a really great idea what P-Kyo can do, but nobody’s put it all together yet.

The one that probably pissed me off the most was Spider-Dan’s Red Venom in MvC1, mostly because we had a 6 month long bitch-fest on AGSF2 and IRC about how Red Venom worked and I’d try it and try it and it just never seemed to be any good. Then he drove down to So Cal and played me and it was like “oh yeah, he really is a top character, I don’t even get to play half the game”.

–Jay Snyder

Super Turbo: Toutanki (old and new Hawk), Yuu Vega (Dictator), and Tamashima (Boxer)

A3: Daigo (Guy)

CvS1: Justin Wong (King)

Also, I can’t remember his name, but there’s a Chicago Marvel player who makes Anakaris look top tier.

Toutanki and K probably single-handedly made people take T. Hawk seriously again, and they really opened people’s eyes to how much better O. Hawk is.

That’s Gabriel. He’s been playing that mummy ever since the game came out. He has some vids up on Preppy’s site wrecking fools at last years NEC (or the year before, damn so long).

I’ve seen so many inspirational players, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

id have to say combofiend for myself. hell it was his team alone that made me want to pick up iron man.

Some Slash Johnny player at Club Sega Akiba, to this day I’m not sure who he was. When Slash first came out, I thought Johnny was really stiff and lame compared to XX/#R Johnny so I dropped him for Order Sol and Dizzy, then on my first trip to Club Sega I see this Johnny player with like 40 wins just demolishing people every time he touched them. Random pokes into 70-80% damage + mist setups and crap, it was ridiculous.
Needless to say, as soon as I got back to the States I was back to playing Johnny again.

I also got a first-hand crash-course in how stupid Eddie really was in Slash, courtesy of Ogawa. It was pretty dumb, Slash Eddie is such a nerfed version of Eddie and I was doing pretty well against every Eddie there except Ogawa. I don’t think I had ever felt that helpless in a fighting game before.

…there were also these two random girls who both took turns showing me how NOT to play Order Sol, which constituted my only significant winstreak in Tokyo :lol:

Mostly arcade experiences.

A guy at the local theme-park arcade with Rock in CVS2. I had been there like five hours, just cleaning everyone’s clock with Vega and Rolento, still on my first two credits, and out of nowhere comes this guy with Rock and two other characters who apparently weren’t good enough for me to remember.

It was like trying to fight Jesus.

I did manage to win once, though. But hey, even Jesus takes a nap every once and awhile.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who had this happen! I was in Virginia Beach at a Pocket Change and thought I was hot shit with Cable, BB Hood, and a random character so I went up to a machine with a little asian kid (he was about my age, 13? Don’t remember) and he wooped my ass. I was wondering what the hell happened and why I sucked… continued to a Soul Calibur machine and the same thing happened.

Then, playing Tekken 5. (Yes, 5. It took me this long to figure out I sucked) Spiro Gin’s cousin came to see his friend at school who is my girlfriend and he saw I had T5 and the stick, so he was like “Let’s play.” Beat me with every character I used and more. I was like “Ok, you win, I suck”

I’ll never forget those times.

Whenever I played asian kids at local batting cages/county fairs as a kid. Me and my buddies would just leave because THEY COULD COMBO IN TEH AIR!! NERDS!!

This random guy at SVGL in 2005 that tested games at EA. Tekken 5 was huge at svgl then with two machines and he would wrack up 30+ win streaks with KING on the main cabinet. KING!! Insanelee was the only other person who could do that in general, and the King player was just some random guy.

Seeing Chunksta’s magneto. I had seen jwong/sanford on, but seeing that skill in person was crazy. I’d just chill for ten min sometimes and watch him rape fools in 20 sec.

Assload of other people at svgl. Choi’s ken…damn!!

SF2 WW - Guile Glitches - Amir - Hey watch me handcuff Shogo and reset the machine cuz i dont like to play fair
Daytona USA (beginner stage) - Amir - Look at me cut thru the pit stop at the last lap cuz I love to cheat!
Killer Instinct - Cinder (infinate) - Amir the cheesy bastard - Grr! U beat my Jago! Now I will unleash my secret weapon!
ST - OG Sim - Shirts
A2 - Akuma - Kitchen Patrol
A3 - V-ism Sodom - Chikyuu
CvS1 - Raiden - Chikyuu
CvS1 - Morrigan - Kitchen Patrol
CvS1 - E.Honda - Jason Wilson (All Amusement Van Nuys casuals)
CvS1 - Nakoruru - Ricky Ortiz
CvS2 - C-Groove Ryu - George “Haduken” (All Amusement Van Nuys casuals)
CvS2 - A-Groove Joe Higashi - Combofiend (SHGL CvS2 weeklys)
CvS2 - A-Groove Yun - Ken (from Jpn @ Evo2k2)
CvS2 - P-Groove - Gee-O & Pighadoken
CvS2 - S-Groove - Dr.B
CvS2 - N-Groove - Nuki & Buktooth
CvS2 - K-Groove - Otaku & Ohayo1234
SF3 2nd Impact - Akuma - J.R Rodriguez
3s - Alex - Adolfo Luevano
3s - Ryu SA3 - Frankie3s
3s - Twelve, Yang - Gee-O
3s - Remy - Ryo-Chin
3s - Makoto - Arlieth & J
3s - Urien - RX
3s - Yun - K.O

Those are the list of players I’ve seen put a character(s) ‘together’ for the first time…I never realized how much of a cheater Amir was and still is now with his damn Chun…brings back a lot of great memories :wgrin:

Mayakon definitely opened my eyes with his T.Hawk. Recently I saw videos of Inomata’s T.Hawk ( [media=youtube]N4HtxTNWkow[/media] - 2nd round ) which is the reason I’m playing with N.Hawk instead of O.Hawk lately - his ticks are deadly and if you master the 720 execution like him, N.Hawk really stepped up that “all or nothing” game. I can’t mention T.Hawk without K and Toutanki (even though 10 others probably have), those guys really make it look easy, K has an outstanding N.Hawk aswell - lots of Roundhouse throw into mixups, I prefer his N.Hawk over Toutanki’s.

KOMODA BRANKA - Can’t believe I forgot him, the master of yomi.

Mr. Daniels, what a great topic.
I have to give credit where credit where credit is due. I went to Shgl back in like 2000.
A viet guy named Han was playing Ryu/ Charlie and blew my mind with the Otg into hopkick throw setups that finally allowed Ryu to do huge damage. For me, it changed everything.
Valle was there and stopped by to play some Xsf. He used Wolv/ Cyke and WE were all losing to some basic Gambit player named Tree.

In answer to your question, I would say Valle really opened my eyes to Ryu in Alpha 3. I’m not a technical player, so I could never do what Choi did. But Valle always made sense to me. And i loved the concept of RTSD! It was like, " just do it" for me.

And Watts with shotos in general. I always think i understand footsies, zoning and baiting UNTIL i see Watts play.

I love Xsf. And not until Matt Futantawong moved to AZ from Thailand did I understand the horror that are infinites.

CVS2-Deshigitsune and OTK-Their Kyos are just amazing, never knew that Kyo was even that good in CVS2 until I saw OTK and Deshigitsune with his rushdown style makes him even more lethaler.

N.O.-his Venom is like the best ever, never knew that Venom can be so good until I saw vids of him