The first review of castlevania lords of shadow 2 is in


And it’s bad.
Game informer gave it a 6/10 which is pretty god awful in the world of reviews. Even bad games pull 7s. Who didn’t see this coming though? Every trailer released was only cut scenes. They showed like no gameplay. Now that the past 6 castlevanias for consoles have all been 3D, maybe it’s time to try a tripleA 2D outing to mix things up and keep things fresh.

Edit - more bad. Http://

It’s looking like ign gave it a 6/10 as well but it’s not published on their site yet. Yikes.


lol @ both taking reviews seriously and not using the Castlevania thread.

EDIT - And of course it transitions into “see, the 3D games suck, let’s go 2D again to save the franchise” talk. :rofl: This is almost LoyalSol levels of dumb. Almost.


who gives a fuck, post it in the castlevania thread. game reviewers gave DmC pretty decent reviews, and that game is complete and utter garbage from a dmc point of view, and objectively from a gamer point of view imo. los2 might be dope, fools are just hating and their expectations were too high.


Well 1 was pretty bad so I doubt the review is way off. Most of the problems are te same problems the first game had. As far as “lol go back to 2D” or whatever, I liked lament of innocence. People who think 2D ran its course need to look at what happened in 97 when everyone said the same thing.

And Maybe a mod can move it to the castlevania discussion.


Honestly let’s leave the topic of LoS2’s reviews here please. I don’t want to scroll through ten posts back to back in the Castlevania thread that’s just bitching or defending LoS2. Y’all know what I mean.