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Maximizing the Web Swings:

Mostly same but better damage:

Was just having fun but it was actually a pretty simple combo. I think it works anywhere on screen.
There are also web zip loops I was doing, it was like:
HP, HK, forwardHP 2kicks, j.HP, j.HK then repeat. I was able to do like 3-4 repeats into super for good damage.


Web Ball has fixed hitstun, regardless of combo length and always forces neutral tech.

It also somehow transfers it’s properties to the next move? c.HK very clearly doesn’t force neutral tech, but if you combo after the web ball, it does:


Yeah I think ending combos in HP web ball is gonna be a crucial part of Spider-Man play. Anyone found any dirty stuff to follow it up?


I found this 5.6k off of a low. I think it’s alright. You have a time after 6h and a ton of time after hSpider Sting to hit confirm. I think Power Stone is necessary to land a super though :confused:


A quick UWT TOD concept I’m working on. I have spent basically zero time with X, so his part is pretty lazy. Going to see if I can get it to cover all air techs. Gonna be difficult though, since apparently you can 8-way air tech now…

Edit: I was overthinking it. Thanks to DatSpardaUser for the web ball stuff. I literally just subbed in a web ball ender and it forces the neutral air tech, making it guaranteed. The X laziness continues though…I know I could have kept it in the corner somehow…


If I don’t want to go for the reset, can the combo end with a h.Spider Sting into a Maximum Spider after the last launch?


What you’d have to do is use the power surge after the f.HP then do the H Sting as the opponent switches sides. Otherwise the travel time is too high. You can also just do a L Spider Cannon right after landing from the air combo and go into it from there.


What the fuck is up with Ultimate Web Throw’s Hit Box?


I personally found the LP Web Ball better simply because it locks for less time and ends up giving them less time to prep.

Short hop into HK dash HK or c.LK is a safe 50/50 that you can do off every single web ball that you land and they have to take it.


Unfortunately, that only works if the opponent holds up when recovering from a web ball. They have two options when teching from a web ball, which is rolling slightly backwards or holding up, causing a tech that will propel them in the air.

I don’t think there is any way, at least right now, to get a guaranteed (or even reliable) UWT like you could in UMvC3. Gonna see if I can find something, though.


Yeah I figured that out a little later, but it covers enough options and offers a high enough reward that I’m keeping it as a viable setup. If they tech downwards they have to eat X’s pressure, and I can always opt to tag with H Web Ball instead to save the meter. When I have more time I’m going to develop a solid 50/50 off the grounded Web Ball tech to keep the opponent from ground teching every time.


I just came up with this power stone combo after getting some inspiration from this thread. I wanna make this Spidey x Strider team work.


Was this posted?


This was posted in the general thread before release

Killer Kai BnB

Nope. I was waiting for @xero15 to post it. Dunno if he still plans to be active in this forum


I’m still rusty but once I found the rhythm for xero’s loop I can do it kind of consistently now.

Putting the hours in for the lab really pays off.


My Ps4 wouldn’t upload on Youtube so had to use twitter. I was able to reset the character into a Ultimate Web Throw after an otg Spider sting.


It’s so much fun to do, it’s just my go to bnb at this point


Quick question; are you using the light version for those web swings and spider cannon?


So what other characters do you think work well with Spidey? Im having trouble figuring out who my second character is going to be. So far i have only seen one person play spiderman and they used Ultron.