The First SRK Poker Tourney first week of August

This first post will be periodically updated to reflect new information

UPDATES: As of… July 31st

important, the password to enter the tourney is “capcom”

What? first no limit texas hold’em tournament

This will be a multi-table freezeout

Where? set up an account asap
After logging on, go to <tourney> <private> and find the #capcom/SRK holdem tourney on august 7th. Register asap so we don’t have problems with people not having 10 bucks right before the tourney starts.

Sunday August 7th 7pm pacific 10pm eastern time.

How Much?


  1. Dsk79-Nasir $112.00
  2. Colour24 $67.20
  3. Donald Duck TM $44.80
  4. Nguyensean $33.60
  5. guism0 $22.40
  6. Maskov Magno-Slade 555
  7. Insanelee
  8. Margalis
  9. Rickstah202
  10. Zscan’s account that did nothing but posted blinds and folded
  11. Shizumaru-Yumi Sataomi
  12. BluffDaPot
  13. Chix0r
  14. Winnah-Kikin
  15. jerech
  16. osagat-UCRollerblader
  17. mythazz
  18. Elcobra
  19. Viscant
  20. Striderboi
  21. Mmmmhrm-Chocobo
  22. MegamanDan
  23. IcantWINN-zscan
  24. Marneto
  25. tb17
  26. Viktor
  27. Kris_G
  28. Paul Lee

im in ~

im in!

i’ll play, just know the date a week ahead of time if possible so i can plan accordingly :smiley:

i’m in… post more info when you got it

im in,
can you PM me when the details are finalized?

count me in ugly.

I’m in as well. What is the game? Not like it matters, I play pretty much everything stars offers, but whatever. Weekends and nights are best for me.


I’m in.

Im in. Im on pokerstars almost as much as srk.

ill have the tourney setup for that date and time then?

okay the tournament is setup for aug 7th 10pm est on pokerstars. goto the tourney tab, then private and the name of the game is #capcom / srk holdem tournament the password to enter is capcom.


Registered (Maskov Magno). Do register early people…

good shit, way to set an example… I’ll be registering as soon as my cashouts at other sites are done.

i registered try to get 1,000 people

In and registered (Shizumaru)

Bah, I can’t make it. I work Sunday 4-11. Damn that sucks.

great idea! i’m in!