The first time you got drunk

Last night was the first time I got drunk, and it led me to do all sorts of horrible things like challenge my good friend Kevin to a first-to-fifty money match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, solicit an avatar then dump it two minutes after it was done, and go to bed without brushing my teeth so that my breath was thick with alcohol.
I was inspired by the events of last night and the hangover of this morning to make this thread, despite the fact that I make more threads than the average SRKer outside of the SF4 forum. Tell the story here of the first time you ever got trashed. This thread should prove to be fun for everyone…except me. Jesus fuck, my head hurts.

I wish I could remember. Ahhhhh to be young again.

In my defense, I’m twenty, but thanks for the compliment.

Chasing a shot of 151 with a shot of 99 Bananas was a bad choice.

I never been drunk but i think after work on July 5th im going to drink this pain away.

Friend’s birthday. Dude brought some whiskey and vodka over. Took two shots of whiskey, drank two vodka - soda mixes. I was pretty drunk.

Then I made the mistake of daring to take one more shot and lying on the couch. If you ever wanted to see someone unleash a puke fountain straight into the air, you should have been there.


I was a fetus.

I was 15 and it was during my first stay in Japan, the group I was with we stayed in a hostel in Tokyo and we get thirsty, so we walk over to the vending machine and what do we find? All different kinds of Asahi in the vending machines so we just went to down, not much of a story but yup that’s my first time.


I was 16, went to a lady friend’s b-day party, got pretty drunk~heavily tipsy (few beers and like, 6 shots). The lady friend, Tayler, was really digging me at the time, so I figured I’d get my swag on. As it turns out, another lady friend of mine, Tarah (I don’t know why her name was Tarah either, man) was there. She gets pretty drunk and comes up to me professing her love and how much she wanted me and all this shit, and I’m just sitting there like “you’re in my way, I gotta get to my woman”. She’s still grinding up on me when Tayler comes over nonchalantly and kisses me, not caring I have Tarah all over my junk, so a lightbulb clicks. I pull Tayler in and we start going at it, and then I pull away and nudge her to Tarah, seeing if she’ll take the bait.
She does, and starts kissing her too, so I’m pretty much victory dancing in my head already. We all stumble into whomever’s bedroom was nearest to the bathroom, lock the door and go at it. And I have never had a drinking experience as crazy, so I tend to just stick to cigarettes and kush at parties now.
Also, Tarah had a boyfriend at the time who would later be the bassist in my band from like, mid to end of '06, which was a couple months after the end-of-the-year/bday party.
I feel kinda bad about that shit in retrospect.

It was back when I first fell to the earth in separate pieces during a storm back in 1982. I managed to find my way into an upright Dixie? cup in an alley in New York which at the time was next to a garbage bin. I thought I’d be able to sit there long enough to evaporate back into the atmosphere and relive the wild ride all over again until some hobo came along to quench his thirst. And that was the first time that I got drunk.

ahhhhhh, new years ever 2000. I was 16 with some people at a hotel room.

I guzzled down at least 8 beers in 30 min and me and a friend of mine started hitting on every girl in the room. I came back to conciousness aware I must have been listening to the girl next me because she was steadily talking to me about somthing and was enjoying feeling up her tit. Her boyfriend wasnt there but went to our school, so I started hitting on somone else. That girl layed down and I sucked on her neck. Another friend of mine was happy for me but her cousin was not. Then I woke up the next day and took off with my friend without helping to clean up. That was my one real regret. The guys cousin was flirtin I swear.

I remember very little except I was making fun of this girl with a huge forehead at a party… like, the entire night and REALLY loud too.

i don’t really the first time that i got drunk, i remember the first time that i was so drunk that i couldn’t walk though. it was sophomore year, i had just transferred to rutgers and was majoring in engineering. earlier that day i had my first chemistry test of the semester and which was also my first serious non-math class at rutgers, i was completely unaware of how college curves work so when i left the test (around 1045pm) knowing that i hadn’t got more than 6 or 7 questions correct out of 20 i was super depressed. i went back to my friends’ dorm and prety much forced 5 or 6 of them to pound a handle of cruzan and another of smirnoff with me.

so we sit down at this round table with the small clear plastics cups (about 8 oz) and proceed to do rounds of all of the liquor until it was done. we killed those 2 handles in about 20 mins between us, and then we stood up.—oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i had just gotten out of the hospital with appendicitis a week earlier so i hadn’t been drinking for about a 2-3 weeks—so yeah we get up and then get ready to go to a party, as soon as we get outside all of the liquor “hit” me. i couldn’t walk a straight line anymore and kept falling off of the pathway into the grass, we went into another bulding and i started throwing up so one of my boys stayed waited for me, when these 2 little asian kids started cracking jokes until i stopped vomiting and actually stood up and they realized that they were ripe to get fucked up and bounced. eventually we made it inside to the party and decided that i was definitely too drunk to be there and bounced, i ended up passing out on my friend’s bed.

i’m pretty sure i’ve drank more than twice the amount of alcohol that i had that night, but i was def not a lightweight at the point at that point in time but i was completely hammered. didn’t throw up though, oddly enough.

I threw a ketchup bottle from the smoking to non smoking section at a Steak & Shake because the person sitting across from me was gesturing for it.

Did you get kicked out? Or was it like, “meh, nobody cares”.

I was visiting my friend in college when I was a senior in high school and they were in the phase of drinking 40’s (cheap and in college, bad idea). Anyways, I want to join the cool 40 drinkers club so I get my very own OEB. This was my first time drinking and I am pretty skinny so an OEB was enough to get the job done. All of this was fine until I realized I was hungry and tricked one of his friends into making me Top Ramen. She was drunk too and decided that combining Beef, Chicken and the Asian-flavored ramen into one pot was a good idea.

After it was finished we sat in the dorm hallways eating this fucking crackhead’s delight of ramen which I ate 99% of. 3 packages later I reached the point of no return. The point where you decide you are going to be sleeping no matter what. The kind of state of mind where if Jessica Alba came around and was waving her titties in your face, you’d still goto sleep. While I was sleeping the delicious malt liquor and 3 packages of ramen mixed into a nasty ass combination of gut-busting horror and the next morning I rolled out of her bed to vomit into the sink and collapse to the floor.

Good times.

Those are the times you get the best sleep ever though.

It was my friend’s wife’s 21st birthday (2004: they weren’t married yet) and we decided to hit up this club downtown that had a bluegrass band playing. I drank God knows how many Long Islands, some mixed lemon drink I can’t fucking remember the name of, and downed a few buttery nipples. I may have also finished someone’s beer, but I need to go back to fact check this. Anyway, we went to this diner afterward and that’s when I got sick. I threw up once in the bathroom, had a dry heave the second time, and proceeded to vomit in the parking lot. I think it was more a bad mix of drinks than anything else.