The Flash Tutorial - Getting used to the character

Alrighty guys. I have found my main “the flash” and im a complete character loyalist so thats it lol. I have been playing him solidly for about 20 hours now and got onto a 49 win streak (which I was quite happy wtih lol)

Anyway I thought I would do a tutorial for all the flashes out there who are finding him hard to get used to or just starting him. It took me ages to get a feel for how to play him and I hope this helps people get a feel for him a lot quicker :slight_smile:

I’m not a pro at this game as I main street fighter. But I understand mindgames, mixups and high level gameplay on fighters so I hope this tutorial does at least shine some light onto a few nice things!

Please be nice lol I know you guys are amazing at this game.