The Flash TV Series Thread

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash…he has already appeared on Arrow.
Jesse L. Martin as Det. West (Iris West’s father and Barry’s father figure)
Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne/Professor Zoom
Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost
Candice Patton as Iris West
Carlos Valdes as Francisco Roman/Vibe
Tom Cavanaugh as S.T.A.R. Labs CEO Harrison Wells
John Wesley Shipp (Yes…the same JWS that played The Flash in the 90’s TV series) as ???

It looks like the Arrow spinoff is rounding out well…

o.0 zoom jeezus. thats like the darkseid of flash villains. kinda early to have a super major baddy like that around. get him a mirror master as his first major.

Likely they’ll make Thawne’s transition into Zoom a slow transition…

its pretty much down to whenever his wife dies. also it matters when flash discovers time travel…though i imagine their gonna reboot that plot point. He probably won’t use the time travel to accidentally become zoom.

Was Darkseid ever shown in Smallville? I just remember the last scene with the CG Superman flying into obscurity.

Ugh, Smallville sucked. Hope this one isnt annoying and years alter isnt on at 5:30am and my dad watches it forcing me to overhear it.

This Hardcore Flash fan is ready as fuck. About time he got another show.

The Flash up to series by the CW…


Wait wrong Flash, but this at least has the hero going by Flash and wearing his costume, so maybe hopeful. (I do love Arrow though, Smallville can suck it however).

Honestly we could probably just put the Arrow and Flash threads together. They are shared universe after all and most people watching Arrow will probably watch Flash.

not now…too much going on in the arrow thread. maybe once arrow stops and flash starts gearing up

Well Arrow’s finale is this Wednesday and chances are the Flash will be airing when Arrow is off so…

sooo…wait a week or even two.

I’m not saying anything had to be done immediately to begin with. :coffee:

I hope they ditch the leather by the end of the season

The Flash extended trailer…

zoom people…zoooom. time travel shenanigans abound.

Im guessing that was Reverse Flash they showed early in that trailer?

ya zoom was one of the first names announced for the new show. So i’m predicting…barry meets zoom and becomes friends. zoom goes crazy and somehow gains powers and goes back in time to kill barrys mother to stop him from existing. barry now has to somehow create himself…sorta flashpoint meets the first time wally went into the speedforce and was time skipping, and realized the speed is sentient in some form.

So I guess we’re going to get black Wally at some point down the line, since Iris is black.

Cue racist comic fan rage…

EDIT: Lol I just imagined a black Impulse… That would be the most annoying nigga ever.