The Flash TV Series Thread

I like that the Weather Wizard was shown prominently but he is another character that requires a budget. He is basically male Storm, but all he amounts to in the trailer is fog and a shitty tornado that goes nowhere.

Still everything else looked good. Ferris shoutout at well, I expect to see GL at some point.

I wonder how much interaction Arrow and Flash will have with each other over the years. It seems they both obviously know the other’s secret identities, so it’s gonna be kinda hard the next time Arrow needs to round up some crew to save his city, and doesn’t bother getting the Fastest Man Alive to help out a little.

Might be good but I’d rather it was a film.

Saving a town from some natural disaster?

Sooo is Wally gonna be here?

I doubt anybody would have given a fuck about Green Arrow being in the JLA movie if it weren’t for his show, which is easily one of the best shows on TV right now, and one of the best superhero shows ever. If it had been a movie, it likely would have done the same as Green Lantern.

So yeah, let’s have Flash be a TV show for now, earn his stripes, then bring Green Arrow along with him into the JLA movie.

How many episodes until Flash runs around the world to punch somebody with a lightspeed punch?

If they were smart they would introduce GL and possibly aquaman into the picture.

I feel aquaman really needs a good TV push given how reputation.

itll be when ratings need a boost

I dunno about that suit, and I LOVE the Flash. I love Flash so much I have his symbol tattooed on me. But that suit is not meant to exist in real life.

You may want to rethink that.

I mean, it looks like they made the 90s Flash costume out of Nerf arrows.

You’re crazy, Raz0r… that suit was made of DREAMS.

John Wesley Shipp was the GOAT Flash…

I wonder if they will bring back

Trailer was too hype. Hopefully this show has its fair share of awesome side characters like Arrow.

Flashpoint Paradox proves that a Flash-centric story can work.

Rofl Exactly. Looks like if he put a villian in the torture rack it would be the equivalent of sleeping on a temperudic.

I’m looking forward to this show. The trailer sold me on it.

I’m not too much of a DC fan, but I do like Flash, and surprisingly I’m kinda hyped for this. Might end up being one of the few shows I watch on cable. Can’t wait. It looks like the brought everything over to live action pretty well.

It’s on the CW so you don’t need cable.

You’re looking at that through your 2014 vision, of course it looks naf by today’s standards. Back in the 90’s Batman’s Batmobile from Forever was the coolest car in the entire world!