The Flash TV Series Thread


Now he’s dead for good, unless the Legends further screw up time.


Constantine was great too.


RIP, was just curious. Im not interested in Arrow as a hero thats why I wanted to double check that his show isnt needed to get into Flash whew lol


Season 3 got fucked over both due to moving all the talented writers over to Flash, and the DCEU stealing all the characters they were using for their shitty movies, because WB thinks people are too stupid to distinguish two different versions of a character in live-action.


Yeah that pissed me off royally. They took away Harley reducing her to a voice over cameo. They sacked the Suicide Squad and Deadshot. TV Deadshot >>>>>>>>>Will Smith Deadshot. I’m still salty about TV Deadshot. We got that episode with the flashback with his PTSD causing him to snap on his wife and him being barred from seeing her or his daughter. That was really well done.


Season 4 Trailer…


I see that Wally is still taking L’s by getting blown up by some magical sword :coffee:


So bets on who that actually is in the red and gold?

Wally? Bart? Alt-universe blonde Barry?


Hopefully not Barry.


It’s Wally according to these set photos


If Barry doesn’t come back all season, this thread is probably gonna orgasm for months.


Wally got a serious perm… :expressionless:


I can’t watch a Wally West season.


hopefully won’t have to wait long, then:


They have cast Ralph Dibny…



thats not a perm…they relaxed the fuck outta his hair


They got that boy Wally looking like one of the Five Heartbeats.


Not familiar with the Amunet Black in DC lore…


I had to look up the difference between a relaxer and perm. Like as a kid my mom always said “perm” when it comes to permanently straightening her hair.

I literally thought there was white (non-black) people perms where straight hair is curled, and black people perms where curly/kinky hair is straightened out. And then “relaxer” or “texturizer” were more technical terms.

But hey…


You guys got it wrong. Wally ran so fast his hair literally straightened.