The Flash TV Series Thread


So he has that Heihachi effect going on?


Two americas.


Season 4 extended trailer…


And SRK’s dream of a No Barry season has been ruined.


No one dreamed it but the BLM movement.

I just hope it doesn’t suck like season 3 did.


lmfao no fuckin flash tv show fan knows wtf they want. they hate barry and bitch about wally. like yall just trash fans.


I don’t hate TV Barry… I just need him to stop being a whiny fuck up that’s the cause of all his own problems, quite literally, as the previous season showed us.


I honestly can’t be bothered with these CW shows anymore. If you guys give it the thumbs up mid season I’ll jump back onboard.


If you can’t be bothered then don’t wait for a thumbs up. Just make the clean break and move on.


bye bitch



I think i just ran out of steam with tv comic book based shit altogether. S3 Flash ruined it, then the netflix marvel stuff killed it off.


Hah, no one talks about those other DC shows…


Gotham is adding Batman. That show needs to die.


I’m really surprised Gotham has made it to S4. I remember struggling to watch it during the first season and not enjoying the second either.


that show has a loyalty i do not fuckin understand


Come on Barry don’t F this timeline this season.


Gotham is my favorite of the DC TV shows. I love the dark campiness of the show.


I don’t like Gotham because it has been proven you can do Gotham stories without Batman, but the clowns writing that show obviously never read any of them.

When they brought in young Catwoman and Joker, I was done.


I was actually fine with Young Selina. They just went too far after that.